Lyrics: Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka Aimyon

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Lyrics: Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka Aimyon

Lyrics: Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka Aimyon

Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka is a popular song by the Japanese singer Aimyon. Released in 2018, the song gained significant attention and became one of Aimyon’s most well-known tracks. The lyrics of the song reflect on the complexities of expressing love and the challenges in conveying one’s feelings to someone else. In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind the lyrics and explore the impact of Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka in the Japanese music industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Lyrics: Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka is a popular song by Aimyon.
  • The song discusses the difficulties of expressing love and conveying feelings.
  • Aimyon gained significant recognition through this song.

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The lyrics of Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka delve into the intricacies of communicating love. Aimyon, through her heartfelt words, captures the dilemmas and fears that often come with expressing deep emotions. The song reflects the universal experience of wanting to communicate love but struggling to find the right words.

With the repeated line “Ai wo tsutaetaidatoka” (Do you want to convey love?), Aimyon questions both herself and the audience, inviting introspection on the nature of expressing emotions.

Impact in the Japanese Music Industry

Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka had a profound impact on the Japanese music scene. It topped various charts and became a major success for Aimyon. The song’s relatable lyrics resonated with many listeners, particularly younger generations who grapple with similar emotional struggles. The song’s popularity catapulted Aimyon to new heights of fame and established her as a prominent figure in Japanese music.

Aimyon’s raw and sincere portrayal of the complexities of love struck a chord with audiences, solidifying her as a talented songwriter and performer.

Lyrics: Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka

Japanese Lyrics English Translation
愛を伝えたいだとか I want to convey love
伝えられるかなあんたに Can I convey it to you?
見上げて唾をつけた星座の数は The number of constellations I spit on while looking up
思春期オンザロードで成長中 I’m in my adolescence, growing on the road

The lyrics of Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka capture moments of vulnerability and self-reflection, leaving a lasting impact on the listener’s emotions.


Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka by Aimyon is not just a song but a powerful expression of the complexities of love. Through her heartfelt lyrics, Aimyon encourages us to reflect on our own struggles in conveying our emotions. The song’s popularity and impact on the Japanese music industry are a testament to its universal message. Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka will continue to resonate with listeners for years to come.

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Common Misconceptions

Lyrics: Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka Aimyon

There are several common misconceptions people often have about the lyrics of the song “Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka” by Aimyon. One misconception is that the lyrics are about a romantic relationship. However, the song is actually about the importance of communication and expressing love to the people who are dear to us:

  • The song emphasizes the significance of open and honest communication.
  • It highlights the value of expressing love and affection to loved ones.
  • The lyrics suggest that expressing love can lead to stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

Another misconception surrounding these lyrics is that they convey a sense of dependency or neediness. However, the lyrics actually emphasize the importance of mutual support and understanding within relationships:

  • The song encourages individuals to be there for each other through both good and bad times.
  • It emphasizes the idea of being a source of strength for each other.
  • The lyrics acknowledge the challenges couples may face but also emphasize the value of a supportive partner.

One misconception is that the lyrics of “Ai wo Tsuteataidatoka” promote a passive approach to love. However, the lyrics actually encourage individuals to actively express their love and not take their loved ones for granted:

  • The song emphasizes the importance of taking the initiative to express love.
  • It encourages individuals to appreciate the presence of their loved ones.
  • The lyrics suggest that love should never be assumed or left unsaid.

Another common misconception is that the lyrics of the song imply that love is easy and effortless. However, the lyrics actually acknowledge that love can be challenging and requires effort from both parties involved:

  • The song recognizes that love can have its ups and downs.
  • It emphasizes the need for patience, understanding, and compromise in relationships.
  • The lyrics highlight that love takes work but can also bring immense joy and fulfillment.
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Japan’s Rising Music Star: Aimyon

Aimyon is a talented singer-songwriter who has captured the hearts of millions with her captivating lyrics and soulful music. Her hit song, “Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka,” has become a sensation, resonating with listeners worldwide. Here are 10 interesting facts about Aimyon and her remarkable success:

Aimyon’s Early Life

Before we delve into the chart-topping success of “Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka,” let’s take a glimpse into the life of Aimyon. Here’s a table illustrating some intriguing details about her childhood and upbringing:

Fact Data
Birth Date March 6, 1995
Hometown Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan
Influences The Beatles, Magokoro Brothers
Education Osaka Shiono High School

Meteoric Rise to Fame

Aimyon’s path to stardom was paved with hard work and undeniable talent. Let’s explore the meteoric rise of “Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka” and its impact on the music industry:

Fact Data
Song Release Date June 6, 2018
Chart Performance Peaked at #1 on Japan Hot 100
Awards Won Japan Record Awards: Best Song
Streaming Views Over 100 million on YouTube

Lyrics that Touch the Soul

One of the remarkable aspects of Aimyon’s music is her ability to convey deep emotions through her heartfelt lyrics. Witness the impact of “Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka” and its poignant lyrics:

Lyric Line Meaning
“Anata no naka de watashi dake mada ikite iru” “Inside you, I’m still alive”
“Kokoro sakende sakebitai” “I want to scream my heart out”
“Kimi no namae wo uta ni shite” “I turn your name into a song”
“Ai wo tsutaetaidatoka uta ni shite” “Did I convey my love? I turned it into a song”

International Acclaim

Aimyon’s music has transcended borders, garnering worldwide attention and praise. Here are some international achievements that further affirm her global appeal:

Achievement Data
Worldwide Sales Over 1 million copies sold
Collaborations Performed with Ed Sheeran in Tokyo
Billboard Recognition Featured on Billboard’s Rising International Artists
International Tours Concerts in Asia, Europe, and North America

Aimyon’s Artistic Evolution

Aimyon’s musical style has continuously evolved, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Here are some of her notable artistic endeavors and collaborations:

Artistic Milestone Data
Debut Album “Ikite Itanda Amazing Dream”
Experimental Sound Collaborated with the jazz band “SEKAI NO OWARI”
Soundtrack Contributions Provided songs for popular anime series
Critical Acclaim Multiple nominations at the Japan Gold Disc Awards

Social Impact

Aimyon’s music possesses a unique ability to resonate with listeners, inspiring social movements and generating increased awareness. Explore the social impact of “Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka” below:

Impact Data
Mental Health Advocacy Song embraced by mental health support groups
Suicide Prevention Helped raise awareness regarding suicide prevention
Positive Change Inspired individuals to express their own emotions freely
Generation Z Anthem Embraced by young people as an anthem of their struggles

Enduring Popularity

The immense popularity of “Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka” has had a lasting impact on Aimyon’s career. Here are some indicators of the song’s enduring popularity and influence:

Indicator Data
Longevity on Charts Remained in the top 10 for over 85 weeks
Streaming Success Over 250 million streams worldwide
International Covers Translated and covered in various languages
Timelessness Continues to resonate with audiences years after release

Charitable Contributions

Apart from her musical achievements, Aimyon has also made a significant impact through her philanthropy and charitable endeavors. Here are some notable charitable contributions made by Aimyon:

Contribution Data
Donation to Orphanage Contributed ¥5 million to an orphanage in her hometown
Fundraising Concerts Organized multiple charity concerts for various causes
Volunteering Actively participates in community service initiatives
Advocacy for Animal Rights Promotes awareness and campaigns for animal welfare

Aimyon’s Legacy

Aimyon’s “Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka” has left an indelible mark on the music industry. With her introspective lyrics and captivating melodies, she has become a symbol of authenticity and emotional connection. Aimyon’s ability to evoke profound emotions through her music has solidified her status as one of Japan’s most beloved artists.

Lyrics: Ai wo Tsutaetaidatoka Aimyon

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