Where Is Beastars Set?

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Where Is Beastars Set?

Where Is Beastars Set?

Beastars is a popular Japanese manga and anime series written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. The story is set in a world where anthropomorphic animals coexist with humans, bringing to life a unique and captivating narrative. While the setting may not be explicitly mentioned in the series, certain clues and details provide insight into the world of Beastars.

Key Takeaways

  • Beastars is a Japanese manga and anime series set in a world of anthropomorphic animals.
  • The exact location of the Beastars world is not explicitly stated in the series.
  • Clues and details in the series suggest that the story is set in Japan.

The setting of Beastars is intentionally left vague, which adds to the intrigue and allows readers and viewers to immerse themselves in the story. However, there are several hints that indicate the story takes place in Japan. The characters have Japanese names and display cultural elements unique to Japan, such as traditional Japanese architecture and clothing.

**One interesting aspect is that the city in Beastars resembles a metropolis, with towering buildings and busy streets, creating a sense of urbanism and modernity.** This combination of natural and man-made elements adds depth to the setting and highlights the tension between the human-like animal characters and their everyday lives.

To further delve into the setting of Beastars, let’s take a look at some interesting data and information in the form of tables:

S.No. Clue Explanation
1. Japanese Names Characters in Beastars have names that are typically Japanese, suggesting a Japanese setting.
2. Architecture The presence of traditional Japanese architecture throughout the series supports the idea of a Japanese setting.

Another key aspect to consider is the diverse range of animal species depicted in Beastars. The story includes various common and exotic animals, showcasing a broader scope of the animal kingdom. This universality suggests that the narrative is not limited to a specific geographic region, but rather explores the complex relationships and dynamics between the animal characters.

**One fascinating fact is that Beastars presents societal issues, such as prejudice and discrimination, that exist in our own world, providing a mirror to reflect on our own society’s challenges.** By using animals as characters, Beastars effectively highlights and discusses these important topics in a compelling and thought-provoking manner.

In conclusion, while the exact location of Beastars’ setting remains ambiguous, the presence of Japanese names, architecture, and cultural elements implies a Japanese influence. The series’ unique blend of modern urbanism and natural environments contributes to a captivating backdrop. Beastars’ exploration of universal themes and societal issues through its animal characters showcases the broader relevance and impact of the narrative.

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Common Misconceptions

Where is Beastars Set?

There are several common misconceptions about the setting of Beastars, a popular anime and manga series. Let’s debunk some of these misconceptions:

  • Beastars is set in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • The setting of Beastars is a fictional city in Japan.
  • The story of Beastars takes place in a parallel universe.

Firstly, one misconception is that Beastars is set in a post-apocalyptic world. While the series does explore themes of societal conflict and inequality, especially between predator and prey, the world of Beastars is not depicted as post-apocalyptic. It portrays a reality where anthropomorphic animals live alongside humans, navigating their own intricate social structures.

  • The story is set in a highly stratified society.
  • Beastars is set in a modern urban environment.
  • There are multiple distinct locations visited in Beastars.

Secondly, another misconception revolves around the location of Beastars. Some people assume that the story takes place in a fictional city in Japan. While Beastars does incorporate elements of Japanese culture, such as certain customs or aesthetics, the actual setting is not explicitly mentioned or named as a specific Japanese city. It is a world that draws inspiration from multiple sources, giving it a unique and distinct flavor.

  • The series doesn’t specify the exact time period or country.
  • Beastars is set in a universe where animals rule supreme.
  • Geographical landmarks are rarely mentioned in Beastars.

Lastly, there is a misconception that Beastars takes place in a parallel universe. While the story does deviate from our reality due to the presence of anthropomorphic animals, it doesn’t establish itself as a separate universe or timeline. The world of Beastars is more of an imaginative representation of our own world, with animal characters acting as metaphors for human behavior and social dynamics.

In conclusion, it’s important to dispel these common misconceptions about the setting of Beastars. The series offers a unique and thought-provoking portrayal of a society where animals face their own trials and tribulations, while also addressing universal themes that resonate with human experiences.

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Beastars, written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, is a popular manga series that has captivated readers with its unique storyline and compelling characters. The story takes place in a fictional world where anthropomorphic animals coexist with humans, creating a complex and intriguing setting. In this article, we will explore the various locations within the Beastars universe, shedding light on where the series is set.


In the Beastars universe, Zootopia serves as a vibrant and bustling city where animals from different species live together harmoniously. The cityscape is diverse, with towering skyscrapers and bustling markets, showcasing a blend of modern and traditional architectural styles.

Type Location Population
City Zootopia 2.7 million

Cherryton Academy

Being a key location in the series, Cherryton Academy is a prestigious educational institution that fosters growth and development for its students. Nestled amidst vast woodlands, the academy exudes a tranquil and serene atmosphere, providing a stark contrast to the complexities and tensions that arise within its walls.

Type Location Student Enrollment
Academy Cherryton 1,200+

Back Alley Market

The Back Alley Market is a hub of underground activity, attracting a wide array of characters from different backgrounds. Hidden within the shadows of towering buildings, this bustling marketplace offers a variety of goods and services, catering to both legal and illicit interests.

Type Location Vendors
Marketplace Zootopia 100+

Bamboo Grove

The Bamboo Grove is a serene and picturesque location where herbivorous animals often gather to unwind and savor the beauty of nature. Lush greenery engulfs the landscape, creating an enchanting atmosphere for moments of reflection and tranquility.

Type Location Number of Bamboo Shoots
Grove Cherryton 5,000+

Black Market

The Black Market, hidden beneath the glimmering surface of Zootopia, is a notorious underground network where illegal activities thrive. Here, one can find a wide range of forbidden items, from addictive substances to illicit weaponry, traded among the darker elements of society.

Type Location Notable Criminal Organizations
Underground Market Zootopia 6

City Hall

City Hall stands as a symbol of governance and authority within the Beastars universe. The impressive structure houses the administrative offices responsible for maintaining order and implementing policies that ensure the prosperity and well-being of the city’s inhabitants.

Type Location Height
Government Building Zootopia 260 ft

Cherryton Dormitories

The Cherryton Dormitories provide accommodation for students enrolled in Cherryton Academy, offering a shared living experience for a diverse community of young animals. The dorms serve as a secondary home for students, fostering camaraderie and the formation of lasting friendships.

Type Location Capacity
Dormitories Cherryton 500+

Shishigumi Headquarters

The Shishigumi, an influential criminal organization, finds its stronghold within its formidable headquarters. Situated in the heart of the city, this heavily guarded compound serves as a hub for criminal activities, embodying a sense of danger and unpredictability.

Type Location Number of Members
Headquarters Zootopia 30+

Bayside Beach

Located on the outskirts of Zootopia, Bayside Beach offers a serene retreat for both locals and tourists seeking respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. The sandy shores, lapping waves, and breathtaking sunsets create an idyllic setting for leisure and relaxation.

Type Location Beach Length
Beach Zootopia 2 miles


The setting of Beastars, with its amalgamation of thriving cities, educational institutions, hidden markets, and natural landscapes, provides a rich backdrop for the intricate narrative woven within the series. The contrasting locations within this elaborate world embody the struggles and complexities faced by the anthropomorphic characters, offering readers a captivating and thought-provoking exploration of societal dynamics and personal growth.

Beastars FAQ

Beastars FAQ

Where Is Beastars Set?

What is the setting of Beastars?
Beastars is set in a fictional world where anthropomorphic animals live alongside humans. The story takes place primarily in a high school called Cherryton Academy, which serves as a central location for the main events of the series.
Are there any specific landmarks or locations in Beastars?
While Beastars doesn’t explicitly mention real-world landmarks, it does feature various locations within the Cherryton Academy, including classrooms, the theater club room, dormitories, and the garden. These locations play significant roles in the development of the story and its characters.
Is the setting of Beastars based on any real place or country?
No, the setting of Beastars is entirely fictional and is not based on any specific real place or country. It creates its own unique and intricate world where animals live in complex societies, exploring themes of prejudice, friendship, and identity.
Does the setting in Beastars affect the storylines?
Absolutely! The setting of Cherryton Academy and the larger world of Beastars influences the relationships, conflicts, and dynamics between the characters. The coexistence of herbivores and carnivores within this setting creates tension, social hierarchy, and deep reflections on morality throughout the narrative.
Can the setting in Beastars be related to our real world in any way?
Although Beastars is set in a fictional universe, it addresses themes and issues that can resonate with our real world. It explores topics such as social prejudices, societal norms, and the complexities of relationships, providing social commentary and inviting readers to reflect on their own world.