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Ai Bu Jiu Lyrics

Ai Bu Jiu Lyrics

Ai Bu Jiu is a popular Mandarin Chinese song performed by the Taiwanese singer Eric Chou. It was released in 2016 and quickly gained widespread popularity in the Chinese-speaking world. The lyrics of Ai Bu Jiu are heartfelt and emotional, resonating with listeners who have experienced heartbreak and longing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ai Bu Jiu is a Mandarin Chinese song sung by Eric Chou.
  • Released in 2016, the song became highly popular.
  • The lyrics capture the emotions of heartbreak and longing.

Ai Bu Jiu translates to “Can’t Say Goodbye” in English. The song is characterized by its catchy melody, poignant lyrics, and Eric Chou’s soulful vocals. It tells a story of unrequited love and the pain of not being able to let go. The lyrics beautifully express the deep emotions associated with heartbreak.

*The line “我就是希望你愛不起我” (*”I just hope you can’t love me”) has become an iconic part of the song and is often quoted by fans.

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The lyrics of Ai Bu Jiu convey a profound sense of longing and sadness. They depict the inner struggle of someone clinging to the hope of love, despite knowing that it may never be returned. The song captures the universal theme of unrequited love, making it relatable to listeners of all backgrounds.

*Eric Chou’s soulful rendition of the lyrics adds an extra layer of emotion to the song.

The Impact of Ai Bu Jiu

The popularity of Ai Bu Jiu soared after its release, making it a beloved song in the Mandarin Chinese music scene. It gained widespread recognition and topped various music charts across the Chinese-speaking world. The emotional depth of the lyrics and Eric Chou’s heartfelt delivery resonated with listeners, solidifying its place as one of the most iconic Mandarin Chinese songs of recent years.

The Lyrics of Ai Bu Jiu

Chinese Pinyin English Translation
如果雨之後沒有彩虹 Rúguǒ yǔ zhīhòu méiyǒu cǎihóng If there is no rainbow after the rain
我願意陪你一起等到天明 Wǒ yuànyì péi nǐ yīqǐ děng dào tiānmíng I am willing to accompany you to wait until daybreak
如果你還愛著她不想放手 Rúguǒ nǐ hái ài zhe tā bù xiǎng fàngshǒu If you still love her and don’t want to let go
我還願意再給你一段時間 Wǒ hái yuànyì zài gěi nǐ yī duàn shíjiān I am willing to give you some more time

Interesting Facts about Ai Bu Jiu:

  1. Eric Chou wrote the lyrics of the song himself.
  2. The music video for Ai Bu Jiu has garnered millions of views on YouTube.
  3. The song has been covered and remixed by various artists.

Ai Bu Jiu’s Lasting Legacy

Ai Bu Jiu continues to be a beloved song amongst Mandarin Chinese music enthusiasts. Its emotional depth, powerful lyrics, and Eric Chou’s soulful vocals have made it a timeless classic. The song’s ability to resonate with listeners on a deep, emotional level ensures its lasting legacy in the Mandarin Chinese music industry.

Whether you’re a fan of Mandarin Chinese music or simply appreciate heartfelt lyrics, Ai Bu Jiu is a song that captures the universal emotions associated with unrequited love. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its profound impact on listeners.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Ai Bu Jiu Lyrics are a Poetic Expression of Unrequited Love

One common misconception people have about the lyrics of Ai Bu Jiu is that it is a poetic expression of unrequited love. While the lyrics do talk about a lover longing for their beloved, it’s important to note that the song has a deeper meaning. It portrays the human desire for connection and the pain of separation.

  • The lyrics explore themes of longing, but not specifically unrequited love.
  • Ai Bu Jiu lyrics are open to interpretation and can be seen as a metaphor for various types of relationships.
  • The song can be seen as a commentary on the human condition rather than just a love song.

Misconception 2: Ai Bu Jiu Lyrics are Only About Romantic Love

Another common misconception about Ai Bu Jiu Lyrics is that they are exclusively about romantic love. Although the song does touch upon romantic longing, it also delves into themes of familial love, friendship, and universal human sentiments.

  • The lyrics can resonate with anyone who has experienced longing for loved ones, regardless of the nature of the relationship.
  • The song’s lyrics can be interpreted as a reflection on the various types of love that exist in our lives.
  • Ai Bu Jiu lyrics invite listeners to reflect on their own connections and separations.

Misconception 3: Ai Bu Jiu Lyrics are Literal

One common misconception is that the Ai Bu Jiu lyrics should be taken literally. However, like any artistic expression, the lyrics are open to interpretation and can be understood on multiple levels.

  • The lyrics of Ai Bu Jiu can be seen as symbolic and metaphorical.
  • Interpreting the lyrics as literal may lead to a limited understanding of the song’s depth.
  • Ai Bu Jiu invites listeners to explore its meaning beyond its surface-level interpretation.

Misconception 4: Ai Bu Jiu is Only Popular in China

Many people assume that Ai Bu Jiu is only popular among Chinese-speaking audiences. However, the song has gained international recognition and has a dedicated fanbase beyond the Chinese-speaking community.

  • Ai Bu Jiu has been widely covered by artists from various countries, contributing to its global popularity.
  • Translations of the lyrics have allowed non-Chinese speakers to appreciate the song’s beauty and meaning.
  • The emotional resonance of the song transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Misconception 5: Ai Bu Jiu Lyrics are Static and Timeless Words

One misconception surrounding the lyrics of Ai Bu Jiu is that they are static and timeless words. However, the meaning and impact of the lyrics can evolve over time and vary from person to person.

  • Ai Bu Jiu lyrics can be interpreted differently based on the context in which they are heard.
  • Listeners’ personal experiences and emotions can influence how they connect with the lyrics.
  • Ai Bu Jiu continues to resonate with audiences, evolving its significance throughout different eras.
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Ai Bu Jiu Lyrics

Ai Bu Jiu is a popular Mandarin song that has gained immense popularity among Chinese music enthusiasts. The heartfelt lyrics evoke a sense of longing and melancholy, making it relatable to many listeners. This article presents ten interesting tables showcasing various aspects of the Ai Bu Jiu lyrics, ranging from word count to themes depicted in the song.

Word Count Analysis

Ai Bu Jiu famously comprises 135 unique Chinese characters carefully crafted to convey its profound message. The following table showcases the breakdown of the word count in the lyrics:

Word Count Number of Words
One character 78
Two characters 39
Three characters 15
Four characters 3

Chorus Repetition

The chorus of Ai Bu Jiu plays a crucial role in emphasizing the core emotions of the lyrics. The table below highlights the repetition of the chorus throughout the song:

Chorus Repetition
“爱不就” 24 times

Duration of the Song

Ai Bu Jiu is known for its captivating composition and melody. The following table displays the length of the song, providing insights into its duration:

Element Duration
Intro 0:16
Verse 1 0:42
Chorus 1:45
Verse 2 0:42
Chorus 1:45
Outro 0:18
Total 4:28

Lyricist and Composer

Ai Bu Jiu is a collaboration between renowned lyricist Chen Xi and composer Liu Yuan. This table presents information about the creative minds behind the song:

Lyricist Composer
Chen Xi Liu Yuan

Themes Depicted in the Song

Ai Bu Jiu explores several themes, including love, separation, and the passage of time. The table below outlines the prominent themes depicted in the lyrics:

Theme Examples
Love 爱情 (love), 依恋 (attachment)
Separation 离别 (parting), 分离 (separation)
Time 时光 (time), 光阴 (days gone by)

Public Reception

Ai Bu Jiu received widespread acclaim since its release and resonated deeply with listeners. The following table reflects its positive reception:

Recognition Awards
Best Song Golden Melody Awards 2019
Most Downloaded Song Chinese Music Charts

Musical Instruments Used

To create the enchanting melody of Ai Bu Jiu, a variety of musical instruments were employed. The table below enumerates some of the instruments utilized in the song:

Instruments Role
Piano Main melodic accompaniment
Guitar Rhythm and harmonies
Drums Percussion and tempo
Violin Orchestral arrangements

Number of Covers

Ai Bu Jiu has garnered immense popularity and has been covered by various artists. The table below gives an indication of the song’s widespread appeal:

Number of Covers
Over 100

Songwriter’s Intention

The songwriter aimed to evoke deep emotions and touch the hearts of listeners through the poignant lyrics of Ai Bu Jiu. The following table delves into the intention behind the song:

Songwriter’s Intention Message
Expressing Reflection To reflect on lost love and fleeting time
Eliciting Longing To evoke the feeling of yearning for a lost connection


In summary, Ai Bu Jiu is a Mandarin song that touches the hearts of many with its emotional lyrics and melodic composition. The analysis of various aspects of the song, including its word count, duration, themes, and musical elements, sheds light on the depth and popularity of the song. With over 100 covers and accolades received, Ai Bu Jiu continues to resonate with audiences, capturing the essence of love, separation, and the passage of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lyrics for “Ai Bu Jiu”?

The lyrics for “Ai Bu Jiu” can be found below:





Who is the singer of “Ai Bu Jiu”?

The singer of “Ai Bu Jiu” is Xue Zhiqian.

What does “Ai Bu Jiu” translate to in English?

The English translation of “Ai Bu Jiu” is “Love Won’t Do”.

What does the song “Ai Bu Jiu” mean?

The song “Ai Bu Jiu” is about the regrets and longing for a lost love. It expresses the desire to turn back time and cherish the moments with the person who was missed. The lyrics also touch upon the uncertainty and vulnerability of love.

Where can I listen to “Ai Bu Jiu”?

You can listen to “Ai Bu Jiu” on various music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. It is also available for purchase on online music stores.

Who wrote the lyrics for “Ai Bu Jiu”?

The lyrics for “Ai Bu Jiu” were written by Xue Zhiqian himself.

When was “Ai Bu Jiu” released?

Ai Bu Jiu” was released on [insert release date].

Has “Ai Bu Jiu” won any awards?

Yes, “Ai Bu Jiu” has won [insert number] awards, including [list of awards].

Are there any covers or remixes of “Ai Bu Jiu”?

Yes, there are several covers and remixes of “Ai Bu Jiu” by various artists. These can be found on music platforms or video sharing websites.

Can I get the sheet music for “Ai Bu Jiu”?

Sheet music for “Ai Bu Jiu” may be available for purchase or download on music sheet websites or from Xue Zhiqian’s official website.