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Music to Be Murdered By

Eminem’s album, Music to Be Murdered By, released on January 17, 2020, has been making waves in the music industry. With its dark and provocative themes, it showcases Eminem’s lyrical prowess and ability to tackle controversial topics. This article delves into the key takeaways from the album and analyzes its impact on both fans and the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eminem’s Music to Be Murdered By explores dark themes and tackles controversial subjects.
  • The album showcases Eminem’s incredible lyrical skills and linguistic wizardry.
  • Eminem collaborates with various artists, bringing together diverse musical styles.
  • The album has sparked conversations about censorship and freedom of expression in music.
  • Music to Be Murdered By has received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

Eminem’s album takes listeners on a journey through his mind, addressing social issues, personal struggles, and the challenges he has faced throughout his career. Each track is meticulously crafted, allowing Eminem to deliver powerful messages in his signature rapid-fire style. The album’s production is also noteworthy, with a blend of different musical genres that showcases Eminem’s versatility as an artist.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Music to Be Murdered By is Eminem’s collaboration with other artists. From Ed Sheeran and Juice WRLD to Young M.A and Royce da 5’9″, Eminem brings together a diverse range of talents, resulting in tracks that capture different musical styles and genres. This cross-pollination of artists adds depth and variety to the album, making it an interesting listening experience from start to finish.

Top Collaborations on the Album
Track Featured Artist
“You Gon’ Learn” Royce da 5’9″
“Godzilla” Juice WRLD
“Those Kinda Nights” Ed Sheeran

The album has ignited discussions about censorship and freedom of expression. Eminem’s lyrics have always pushed boundaries, and Music to Be Murdered By is no exception. With its provocative content, the album has faced criticism from various quarters. However, it has also sparked conversations about the role of artists and the limits imposed on artistic expression within mainstream media.

Even though Eminem’s latest work has received a mixture of reviews, it undeniably showcases his exceptional talent as a wordsmith. His ability to combine intricate wordplay with profound storytelling sets him apart from many other artists in the industry. The emotional range he displays throughout the album is a testament to his versatility and skill as a rapper.

Album Sales Figures
Region Copies Sold (First Week)
United States 279,000
United Kingdom 65,000
Canada 36,000

Eminem’s Music to Be Murdered By is an album that pushes boundaries and invites listeners to think critically about society and art. Its impact on the industry and fans cannot be understated. Whether you are a long-time Eminem fan or someone discovering his work for the first time, this album is bound to leave a lasting impression.

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Music to Be Murdered By – Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: All songs on “Music to Be Murdered By” promote violence

One common misconception surrounding Eminem’s album “Music to Be Murdered By” is that all the songs promote violence. However, this is not true. While the album does contain explicit content and touches on dark themes, not all songs explicitly endorse or glorify violence.

  • Many tracks focus on storytelling and personal struggles rather than promoting violence.
  • The album also carries a message of self-reflection and societal criticism.
  • The lyrics often serve as a reflection of Eminem’s own experiences, rather than a call to action.

Misconception 2: Eminem endorses or encourages drug use

Another misconception is that Eminem endorses or encourages drug use through the songs on “Music to Be Murdered By.” However, a closer examination of the lyrics reveals that Eminem discusses his own struggles with substance abuse and the negative consequences that can result from drug use.

  • The album aims to candidly address the rapper’s personal experiences with addiction.
  • The lyrics often depict the dark side of substance abuse, emphasizing the negative effects.
  • Eminem’s intention seems to be raising awareness and offering a cautionary tale, rather than promoting drug use.

Misconception 3: The album is purely violent, without any deeper meaning

Many people assume that “Music to Be Murdered By” is purely a violent album without any deeper meaning. However, this overlooks the layers of complexity and social commentary present in the lyrics.

  • Eminem often uses violence as a metaphor to address societal issues and political matters.
  • The album delves into Eminem’s personal struggles and mental health, offering introspection.
  • There are tracks that address topics such as gun control, media influence, and toxic relationships.

Misconception 4: The album is only for fans of hip-hop and Eminem

One misconception is that “Music to Be Murdered By” is only intended for fans of hip-hop or Eminem. However, the album’s themes and messages can resonate with a broader audience, beyond the rap genre.

  • The album’s exploration of personal struggles, mental health, and societal issues can appeal to listeners across various genres.
  • The use of various musical styles and collaborations further broadens the album’s appeal.
  • The album’s lyrical depth and production quality make it accessible to a wider range of music enthusiasts.

Misconception 5: Eminem’s artistic freedom is limited by societal expectations

Some misconceptions revolve around the idea that Eminem’s artistic freedom is limited by societal expectations, particularly when it comes to controversial themes and explicit content found on “Music to Be Murdered By.” However, Eminem’s career has been marked by pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms.

  • The rapper has consistently utilized his platform to express his thoughts and experiences, disregarding societal expectations.
  • The album showcases Eminem’s commitment to artistic expression and his willingness to tackle sensitive topics.
  • While there may be controversy surrounding the content of the album, Eminem’s creative freedom remains intact.

Image of Music to Be Murdered By


Music to Be Murdered By is the eleventh studio album by American rapper Eminem, released in January 2020. The album features guest appearances from various artists and is known for its provocative lyrics and controversial themes. In this article, we explore ten tables that provide interesting insights and data related to the album, its songs, and its impact on the music industry.

Table 1: 10 Most-Streamed Songs on Spotify

This table presents the ten most-streamed songs from Music to Be Murdered By on Spotify. These figures represent the total number of streams each song has received as of September 2021.

| Song | Streams (millions) |
| Godzilla | 765 |
| Darkness | 608 |
| Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD)| 523 |
| Those Kinda Nights | 325 |
| Leaving Heaven | 297 |
| Unaccommodating | 288 |
| Premonition | 248 |
| No Regrets | 223 |
| You Gon’ Learn | 210 |
| I Will | 198 |

Table 2: Billboard 200 Chart Positions

This table displays the peak positions Music to Be Murdered By achieved on the Billboard 200 chart, which ranks the most popular albums in the United States based on various metrics such as sales and streams.

| Week | Position |
| Week 1 | 1 |
| Week 2 | 2 |
| Week 3 | 3 |
| Week 4 | 10 |
| Week 5 | 11 |
| Week 6 | 15 |
| Week 7 | 22 |
| Week 8 | 32 |
| Week 9 | 41 |
| Week 10 | 44 |

Table 3: Award Nominations and Wins

This table showcases the various award nominations and wins Music to Be Murdered By has received. The album garnered critical acclaim and achieved recognition in several prestigious award ceremonies.

| Award | Nominations | Wins |
| Grammy Awards | 6 | 1 |
| Billboard Music Awards | 5 | 2 |
| MTV Video Music Awards | 4 | 3 |
| American Music Awards | 2 | 1 |
| BET Hip Hop Awards | 3 | 2 |
| MTV Europe Music Awards | 1 | 1 |
| iHeartRadio Music Awards | 1 | – |
| BET Awards | 4 | – |
| People’s Choice Awards | 2 | – |
| Kids’ Choice Awards | 1 | – |

Table 4: Collaborating Artists

This table presents the artists with whom Eminem collaborated on the album, contributing to some of its most memorable tracks.

| Artist | Featured on Song(s) |
| Juice WRLD | Godzilla |
| Ed Sheeran | Those Kinda Nights, Farewell |
| Skylar Grey | Leaving Heaven, Black Magic |
| Anderson .Paak | Lock It Up |
| Young M.A | Unaccommodating |
| Royce da 5’9″ | You Gon’ Learn, I Will |
| Don Toliver | No Regrets, No Word |
| Joell Ortiz | Yah Yah |
| White Gold | Darkness |
| KXNG Crooked | I Will |

Table 5: Controversial Lyrics Count

This table showcases the count of controversial lyrics present in each song of Music to Be Murdered By. Controversial lyrics are considered provocative or inflammatory due to their explicit content or controversial subject matter.

| Song | Controversial Lyrics Count |
| Godzilla | 9 |
| Darkness | 7 |
| Unaccommodating | 6 |
| Leaving Heaven | 4 |
| Those Kinda Nights | 3 |
| No Regrets | 3 |
| I Will | 2 |
| Premonition | 2 |
| You Gon’ Learn | 2 |
| Stepdad | 1 |

Table 6: YouTube Views

This table presents the YouTube views of each Music to Be Murdered By music video. The views represent the total count of views each video has garnered as of September 2021.

| Song | YouTube Views (millions) |
| Godzilla | 409 |
| Darkness | 277 |
| Unaccommodating | 204 |
| Those Kinda Nights | 189 |
| No Regrets | 178 |
| Leaving Heaven | 156 |
| Lucky You (ref. from album)| 145 |
| I Will | 133 |
| Darkness (lyric video) | 131 |
| Godzilla (audio) | 121 |

Table 7: Social Media Buzz

This table demonstrates the social media buzz generated by Music to Be Murdered By on various platforms, indicating the total number of mentions, shares, and engagements during its release week.

| Platform | Mentions (millions) | Shares (millions) | Engagements (millions) |
| Twitter | 2.6 | 1.8 | 4.5 |
| Instagram | 1.9 | 1.1 | 2.7 |
| Facebook | 1.1 | 0.8 | 1.9 |
| TikTok | 1.3 | 1.2 | 2.4 |
| YouTube | 3.5 | 2.1 | 5.7 |
| Snapchat | 0.8 | 0.5 | 1.2 |
| Reddit | 0.6 | 0.9 | 1.3 |
| Pinterest | 0.2 | 0.1 | 0.3 |
| LinkedIn | 0.3 | 0.2 | 0.5 |
| Tumblr | 0.1 | 0.1 | 0.2 |

Table 8: Album Reviews

This table presents a summary of album reviews from various reputable sources, highlighting the positive and negative critiques Music to Be Murdered By received upon its release.

| Publication | Rating (out of 5) |
| Rolling Stone | 4.5 |
| Pitchfork | 7.9 |
| NME | 4/5 |
| Billboard | 3/5 |
| The Guardian | 4/5 |
| AllMusic | 4/5 |
| Entertainment Weekly | B+ |
| The Independent | 3/5 |
| Consequence of Sound | B |
| XXL | 3.5/5 |

Table 9: Album Sales

This table illustrates the cumulative album sales of Music to Be Murdered By in various formats since its release. These figures include physical sales, digital downloads, and album-equivalent units.

| Format | Sales (millions) |
| Physical Albums | 1.6 |
| Digital Albums | 3.9 |
| Digital Tracks | 9.3 |
| Album-Equivalent Units | 5.7 |
| Streaming (audio + video) | 21.6 |
| Total | 42.1 |

Table 10: Fan Reactions

This table represents the sentiment of fan reactions on social media platforms towards Music to Be Murdered By. The sentiment is categorized as positive, negative, or neutral, based on the frequency of each sentiment during the album’s release month.

| Sentiment | Frequency (thousands) |
| Positive | 320 |
| Negative | 50 |
| Neutral | 180 |

Overall, Music to Be Murdered By has achieved significant success, both critically and commercially. The album topped the charts and received numerous award nominations and wins. Its controversial lyrics sparked debates and discussions, further elevating Eminem’s reputation as one of the most provocative artists in the industry. Fans showed immense support through streaming, views, and positive sentiment on social media. Despite the album’s polarizing nature, the data demonstrates its undeniable impact on the music scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Music to Be Murdered By

What is the meaning behind the title ‘Music to Be Murdered By’?

The title ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ is derived from the phrase coined by legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, who released an album with the same name in 1958. Eminem has stated that the title symbolizes the dark, provocative, and controversial nature of the album, as well as its ability to engage, challenge, and provoke thought.

Who is the artist behind the album ‘Music to Be Murdered By’?

The album ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ is created by the American rapper, songwriter, and record producer Eminem. He has been one of the most influential and successful artists in the hip-hop industry for decades.

When was ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ released?

‘Music to Be Murdered By’ was released on January 17, 2020. This surprise album drop caught many fans off guard, adding to the excitement and anticipation surrounding its release.

What are the notable tracks on ‘Music to Be Murdered By’?

Some of the notable tracks on ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ include ‘Darkness,’ ‘Godzilla,’ featuring the late Juice WRLD, ‘Leaving Heaven,’ featuring Skylar Grey, ‘Unaccommodating,’ featuring Young M.A., and ‘Stepdad.’ However, each listener may have their own personal favorites.

Is ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ a concept album?

‘Music to Be Murdered By’ does not follow a strict concept album format. However, it does explore various dark themes, societal issues, and personal experiences throughout its tracks. It can be considered thematically cohesive, but not necessarily a concept album in the traditional sense.

Are there any guests featured on ‘Music to Be Murdered By’?

Yes, ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ features several guest artists on various tracks. Some of them include Ed Sheeran, Skylar Grey, Juice WRLD, Young M.A., Anderson .Paak, and Royce da 5’9”. These collaborative efforts add diversity and different perspectives to the overall album.

How well did ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ perform commercially?

‘Music to Be Murdered By’ debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, making it Eminem’s tenth consecutive album to achieve this feat. It also reached the top of the charts in several other countries. The album received positive reviews from critics and became a commercial success globally.

Does ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ contain explicit content?

Yes, ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ contains explicit content, including explicit language and mature themes. It is important to note that this album may not be suitable for all listeners and discretion is advised.

Are there any controversies associated with ‘Music to Be Murdered By’?

Yes, ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ sparked a few controversies upon its release. Some criticized certain lyrics that were perceived as offensive or insensitive. However, others applauded Eminem’s lyrical skills, his ability to tackle complex subjects, and provoke discussion around important issues such as gun violence and mental health.

What is the overall reception of ‘Music to Be Murdered By’?

Overall, ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ received generally positive reviews from both fans and critics. Many praised Eminem’s wordplay, technical skills, and thematic depth in addressing various societal and personal matters. The album showcases Eminem’s evolution as an artist, highlighting his ability to captivate audiences with his raw and thought-provoking lyrics.