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Singer Porsche 911

Singer Porsche 911

The Singer Porsche 911 is a highly sought-after, custom-built sports car that combines the timeless design of the Porsche 911 with modern engineering and performance capabilities. Each Singer Porsche 911 is meticulously handcrafted and tailored to the owner’s preferences, resulting in a unique and exhilarating driving experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Singer Porsche 911 is a custom-built sports car with a unique blend of classic design and modern performance.
  • Owners can personalize their Singer Porsche 911 to their exact specifications, resulting in a truly bespoke vehicle.
  • Each Singer Porsche 911 is carefully handcrafted and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure top-notch quality and performance.
  • The Singer Porsche 911 commands a high resale value due to its exclusivity and desirability among car enthusiasts.

The Singer Porsche 911 started as a passion project between automotive enthusiast Rob Dickinson and a team of engineers and designers. The goal was to reimagine and perfect the iconic Porsche 911, blending classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. *Today, Singer Vehicle Design is known for creating bespoke, high-performance machines that push the boundaries of automotive engineering.*

What sets the Singer Porsche 911 apart is the level of customization available to owners. Everything from the exterior color and interior trim to the performance specifications can be tailored to the owner’s preference. This level of personalization ensures that no two Singer Porsche 911s are alike, making each car a true work of art and a reflection of its owner’s taste and style.

Performance and Engineering

The Singer Porsche 911 boasts impressive performance capabilities thanks to its modern engineering and meticulous attention to detail. *With a lightweight body constructed from carbon fiber and aluminum, the Singer Porsche 911 offers exceptional handling and agility.* The car is powered by a high-performance air-cooled flat-six engine, producing exhilarating power and an unmistakable sound.

Table 1: Singer Porsche 911 Performance

Top Speed 0-60 mph Horsepower
190 mph 4.0 seconds 400 hp

In addition to the performance enhancements, Singer Porsche 911 also pays careful attention to driving dynamics. The suspension and braking systems are meticulously engineered to offer exceptional control and responsiveness, resulting in an exhilarating driving experience whether on the track or the open road.

Exclusivity and Resale Value

Due to their limited production numbers and custom nature, Singer Porsche 911s have become highly sought-after among car collectors and enthusiasts. *Owning a Singer Porsche 911 is considered a privilege, and the exclusivity of these vehicles contributes to their high resale value.*

The Singer Porsche 911 is a true investment for car enthusiasts who value craftsmanship, performance, and individuality. The attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials ensure that these vehicles withstand the test of time, becoming valuable classics in their own right.

Table 2: Singer Porsche 911 Resale Value
Year Model Resale Value
2015 Singer Porsche 911 $500,000
2017 Singer Porsche 911 $650,000
2020 Singer Porsche 911 $800,000

Experience the Singer Porsche 911

Driving a Singer Porsche 911 is an unparalleled experience that combines classic design, modern performance, and personalized luxury. Whether you are a car enthusiast, a collector, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the Singer Porsche 911 offers a truly unique and exhilarating driving experience.

Table 3: Singer Porsche 911 Key Features

  • Climate Control
  • High-End Audio System
  • Custom Leather Interior
  • Performance Exhaust
  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Indulge yourself in the world of Singer Porsche 911 and discover the perfect combination of performance, beauty, and exclusivity. Get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of driving a masterpiece.

Image of Singer Porsche 911

Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

The Singer Porsche 911

The Singer Porsche 911 is a highly regarded and modified version of the classic Porsche 911, but there are several common misconceptions that surround this iconic vehicle.

  • 1. Singer Porsche 911s are just regular Porsche 911s with cosmetic updates.
  • 2. All Singer Porsche 911s are incredibly expensive.
  • 3. Singer Porsche 911s are not built for performance.


One common misconception about Singer Porsche 911s is that they are simply regular Porsche 911s with some cosmetic updates. In reality, Singer Vehicle Design completely reimagines and rebuilds these cars from the ground up, combining modern technology, performance enhancements, and attention to detail.

  • 1. Singer Porsche 911s undergo extensive mechanical modifications.
  • 2. The exteriors are meticulously crafted with lightweight materials.
  • 3. The interiors are completely custom-built to the owner’s preferences.


It is often assumed that all Singer Porsche 911s come with an eye-watering price tag. While these vehicles are indeed expensive, it is a common misconception that they are out of reach for most car enthusiasts. The cost of a Singer Porsche 911 can vary depending on the specifications and level of customization.

  • 1. Singer Porsche 911s are available at different price points.
  • 2. The costs can be somewhat comparable to high-end luxury sports cars.
  • 3. Each Singer Porsche 911 is built to order, allowing owners to choose their desired features and tailor the price accordingly.


Some people mistakenly believe that Singer Porsche 911s are not built for performance and are merely meant to be showpieces. In reality, these cars are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional driving dynamics and exhilarating performance on both the road and track.

  • 1. Singer Porsche 911s feature upgraded suspension systems for improved handling.
  • 2. Optimized engine performance enhances acceleration and top speed.
  • 3. These cars are designed to offer an engaging driving experience without compromising comfort.

Image of Singer Porsche 911

Singer Porsche 911 Production Years

The Singer Porsche 911 is a timeless classic that has been produced in different years. Here is a table showcasing the production years of this iconic vehicle:

Production Year Number of Vehicles Produced
2009 10
2010 15
2011 18
2012 23
2013 20

Singer Porsche 911 Engine Specifications

Powerful engines are a key characteristic of the Singer Porsche 911. Here are some of the engine specifications for different models:

Model Engine Type Horsepower 0-60 mph Time
Singer 911 DLS 4.0L Flat-six 500 hp 3.3 seconds
Singer 911 ACS 3.8L Flat-six 450 hp 3.6 seconds
Singer 911 Targa 3.6L Flat-six 415 hp 3.8 seconds

Singer Porsche 911 Exterior Colors

The Singer Porsche 911 offers a range of stunning exterior colors to choose from. Here are some of the color options:

Color Name Hex Code
Carrera White #FFFFFF
Guards Red #D01109
Ultraviolet #5C246E
Gulf Blue #00529B
Rhodium Silver #605E5E

Singer Porsche 911 Interior Options

The interior of the Singer Porsche 911 can be customized to match individual preferences. Here are some of the available options:

Option Description
Full Leather Interior High-quality leather upholstery throughout the cabin
Carbon Fiber Trim Custom carbon fiber accents on the dashboard and door panels
Alcantara® Headliner Luxurious and soft Alcantara® material on the headliner
Bucket Seats Sporty and supportive racing-inspired bucket seats

Singer Porsche 911 Price Range

The Singer Porsche 911 is a luxury vehicle with varying price ranges based on customization and model. Here are the price ranges for different models:

Model Starting Price Maximum Price
Singer 911 DLS $1,000,000 $1,500,000
Singer 911 ACS $500,000 $750,000
Singer 911 Targa $300,000 $450,000

Singer Porsche 911 Top Speed

The Singer Porsche 911 is capable of impressive speeds. Here are the top speeds of different models:

Model Top Speed
Singer 911 DLS 186 mph
Singer 911 ACS 175 mph
Singer 911 Targa 158 mph

Singer Porsche 911 Awards and Recognition

The Singer Porsche 911 has garnered attention and earned prestigious awards. Take a look at some of the recognition it has received:

Award Year
International Design Excellence Awards – Gold 2017
World Car Design of the Year 2018
Retro Classics Innovation Award 2019

Singer Porsche 911 Weight Distribution

The balance and weight distribution of the Singer Porsche 911 contribute to its exceptional handling. Here’s a breakdown of weight distribution for different models:

Model Front % Rear %
Singer 911 DLS 42% 58%
Singer 911 ACS 44% 56%
Singer 911 Targa 47% 53%

Singer Porsche 911 Transmission Options

The Singer Porsche 911 offers different transmission options to suit driver preferences. Here are the available choices:

Transmission Type Description
6-speed Manual Traditional manual transmission for an engaging driving experience
7-speed PDK High-performance dual-clutch automatic transmission for seamless gear changes
6-speed Sequential Racing-inspired sequential manual transmission for precise shifting

The Singer Porsche 911 is a masterpiece that combines classic design with modern engineering. With its production years, powerful engines, stunning exterior colors, customizable interior options, and impressive performance, it remains a highly sought-after vehicle among automotive enthusiasts. The accolades it has received along with its precise weight distribution and transmission options further solidify its exceptional reputation. The Singer Porsche 911 truly represents the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship and performance.

Singer Porsche 911 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Singer Porsche 911?

A Singer Porsche 911 is a custom-built, high-performance sports car based on the classic Porsche 911 model. It is meticulously handcrafted and modified by Singer Vehicle Design to enhance its performance, aesthetics, and overall driving experience.

What sets the Singer Porsche 911 apart from other Porsche 911 models?

The Singer Porsche 911 stands out due to its unique blend of classic styling and modern engineering. It combines the timeless design of the original Porsche 911 with high-performance modifications and luxurious craftsmanship. Each Singer Porsche is customized to meet the specific preferences of its owner, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

How much does a Singer Porsche 911 cost?

The cost of a Singer Porsche 911 can vary depending on the level of customization and the specific features chosen. As of 2021, prices for a Singer Porsche typically start at around $500,000 and can go significantly higher.

What engine options are available for the Singer Porsche 911?

Singer Vehicle Design offers different engine options for the Porsche 911, including air-cooled flat-six engines with various displacements. These engines are further enhanced to deliver exceptional performance while maintaining the iconic sound and character of the original Porsche engines.

How long does it take to build a Singer Porsche 911?

The build time for a Singer Porsche 911 can vary depending on factors such as the level of customization and the availability of parts. However, on average, it can take around 8 to 12 months to complete a Singer Porsche build.

Can I order a Singer Porsche 911 with left-hand drive (LHD)?

Yes, Singer Vehicle Design offers left-hand drive (LHD) options for the Porsche 911. They cater to customers from various regions, ensuring that their custom-built Singer Porsches are compatible with the respective driving regulations and preferences.

Does Singer Vehicle Design offer any warranty for their Singer Porsche 911 models?

Yes, Singer Vehicle Design provides a limited warranty for their Singer Porsche 911 models. The exact details of the warranty coverage can vary, so it is recommended to consult with the company or authorized dealers for specific warranty information.

Can I visit the Singer Vehicle Design workshop to see the process of building a Singer Porsche 911?

Singer Vehicle Design does not offer public tours of their workshop. However, they occasionally host special events or showcases where interested individuals may have the opportunity to see the Singer Porsche building process and interact with the team.

Are Singer Porsche 911 models street-legal?

Yes, Singer Porsche 911 models are street-legal vehicles designed to meet the necessary regulations for road use. However, it’s important to ensure compliance with local regulations and specifications based on the region where the car will be driven.

Can I choose the exterior color and interior materials for my Singer Porsche 911?

Yes, Singer Vehicle Design offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to choose the exterior color, interior materials, finishes, and other personalized details for your Singer Porsche 911. Their team works closely with each customer to bring their unique vision to life.