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When it comes to classic car enthusiasts, few names evoke as much excitement as Singer Porsche. These meticulously restored and modified vehicles have gained a devoted following for their combination of vintage beauty and modern performance. If you’re curious about the world of Singer Porsche, read on to discover the key takeaways, interesting facts, and data points that make these iconic cars so special.

Key Takeaways:

  • Singer Porsche is a company specialized in restoring and modifying classic Porsche 911 cars.
  • Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is unparalleled.
  • Each Singer Porsche is a unique piece of automotive art, tailored to the customer’s preferences.

**Singer Porsche** is committed to reviving the glory of the classic Porsche 911. Founded in 2008 by Rob Dickinson, a former rock musician and car fanatic, the company has garnered a reputation for its incredible attention to detail, craftsmanship, and artistic vision. With a team of passionate engineers, designers, and technicians, **Singer Porsche** has breathed new life into these vintage beauties, ensuring they become highly sought-after collector’s items.

*One interesting fact is that Singer Porsche was originally a small operation run by Rob Dickinson out of a garage, but it has since grown into a renowned company with international recognition.*

The Art of Restoration

**Singer Porsche** takes the restoration process to another level by combining traditional handcraftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Each car is stripped to its bare shell and carefully rebuilt to the customer’s specifications. The exterior design retains the classic silhouette of the Porsche 911 but is enhanced with subtle modifications, aerodynamic improvements, and customizations that make every Singer Porsche truly one-of-a-kind.

*What sets Singer Porsche apart is their meticulous approach to tailoring every aspect of the car to the customer’s preferences while maintaining the essence of the original design.*

The Heart of Performance

While the exterior captures the essence of a classic Porsche, the performance of a Singer Porsche is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The company collaborates with renowned engineers and brands like Cosworth and Brembo to create exceptional powerplants and braking systems. The result is a car that retains the classic driving experience but with modern-day performance levels.

*An interesting detail is that Singer Porsche works closely with Williams Advanced Engineering to develop cutting-edge lightweight materials and technologies for their vehicles, ensuring optimal performance without compromising on weight or safety.*

Data Points and Interesting Facts

Let’s take a look at some interesting data points and facts about Singer Porsche:

Fact Detail
Founded 2008
Number of Cars Produced Over 100
Average Price $500,000+

**Singer Porsche** provides its customers with an automotive experience like no other. From the unparalleled attention to detail in restoration to the exhilarating performance on the road, these cars represent the perfect blend of classic elegance and modern engineering. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of automotive art, Singer Porsche will continue to capture the hearts of many for years to come.

*In the world of classic car restoration, Singer Porsche has established itself as a true icon, pushing boundaries and creating bespoke automotive masterpieces that are simply unmatched.*

Image of Singer Porsche

Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

Singer Porsche

One common misconception people have about Singer Porsche is that it is an official Porsche model. However, Singer Porsche is not an official Porsche model, but rather a company that specializes in restoring and modifying classic Porsche 911 cars.

  • Singer Vehicle Design is an independent company and not affiliated with Porsche AG.
  • While Singer Porsches retain the classic design elements, they feature numerous bespoke modifications and upgrades.
  • Singer Porsche models are highly sought after by car enthusiasts and collectors.


Another misconception is that Singer Porsches are solely focused on aesthetics and do not offer high-performance capabilities. This is far from the truth as Singer Porsches not only have stunning design but also showcase impressive performance enhancements.

  • Singer re-engineers the entire vehicle to optimize performance, including the engine, suspension, and aerodynamics.
  • Each Singer Porsche is custom-tailored to the owner’s preferences and desires, offering a personalized driving experience.
  • Despite the vintage appearance, Singer Porsches often outperform their original counterparts, thanks to the modern upgrades.


Many people mistakenly think that Singer Porsches are widely available and can be purchased from a dealership. However, Singer Porsches are highly exclusive and come with a limited production.

  • Singer only produces a small number of vehicles each year, making them rare and highly sought after.
  • Each vehicle undergoes an extensive restoration and modification process, taking several months to complete.
  • Singer Porsches are predominantly built-to-order, ensuring individual attention and customization for each client.


Some individuals erroneously believe that Singer Porsches lose their originality due to the modifications and upgrades applied. However, Singer vehicles are carefully crafted to preserve the essence and heritage of the original Porsche 911 models.

  • Singer follows a philosophy of “Everything is Important,” which means that every detail is considered during the restoration process.
  • The original Porsche 911 body shell is utilized, and modifications are carried out with meticulous precision to enhance performance and aesthetics.
  • The focus is on creating a harmonious blend of modern technology and classic heritage, resulting in a unique driving experience.

Comeback of Classic

It is often misperceived that Singer Porsches are an attempt to recreate the past and that they lack relevance in the modern automotive industry. On the contrary, Singer Porsches represent a new chapter in the evolution of the classic Porsche 911 while embracing contemporary design and engineering.

  • Singer vehicles bridge the gap between the vintage appeal of classic Porsches and the cutting-edge innovations of the present.
  • Through the restoration and modification process, Singer breathes new life into iconic models, attracting a new generation of enthusiasts.
  • Singer Porsches stand as a testament to the timeless design and enduring appeal of the Porsche 911, making them relevant and desirable among car enthusiasts.

Image of Singer Porsche

Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design is a California-based company that specializes in restoring and modifying Porsche 911s. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship has made them renowned in the automotive world. The following tables showcase fascinating aspects of the Singer Porsche models.

Top Speed Comparison

The table below compares the top speeds of various Singer Porsche models to iconic sports cars.

Model Top Speed (mph)
Singer Porsche 911 Targa 190
Lamborghini Huracan 202
Ferrari 488 GTB 205
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 193

Horsepower Enhancement

This table highlights the impressive horsepower upgrades achieved by Singer Porsche compared to the base Porsche 911 models.

Model Horsepower (hp)
Porsche 911 Carrera 380
Singer Porsche 911 500
Porsche 911 Turbo 540
Singer Porsche 911 Turbo 700

Rare Material Usage

Singer Porsche incorporates rare materials into their designs, as shown in the table below.

Material Usage
Titanium Exhaust System
Carbon Fiber Body Panels
Alcantara Interior Trim
Rosewood Dashboard

Weight Reduction

The following table compares the weight of Singer Porsche models to their standard Porsche counterparts.

Model Weight (lbs)
Porsche 911 Carrera 3,153
Singer Porsche 911 2,742
Porsche 911 Turbo 3,516
Singer Porsche 911 Turbo 2,996

Engine Types

Discover the different engine types employed by Singer Porsche in the table below.

Model Engine Type
Singer Porsche 911 Targa Flat-six
Singer Porsche 911 Coupe Air-cooled
Singer Porsche 911 Lightweight Modified-flat-six
Singer Porsche 911 Safari 4.0-liter

Transmission Comparison

Here is a comparison of the transmission options available in Singer Porsche models.

Model Transmission
Singer Porsche 911 Targa 6-speed manual
Singer Porsche 911 Coupe 6-speed manual
Singer Porsche 911 Lightweight 6-speed manual
Singer Porsche 911 Safari 5-speed manual

Production Numbers

Get an insight into the limited production numbers of Singer Porsche models.

Model Production Quantity
Singer Porsche 911 Targa 75
Singer Porsche 911 Coupe 100
Singer Porsche 911 Lightweight 25
Singer Porsche 911 Safari 50

Exterior Paint Options

Explore the unique exterior paint options available for Singer Porsche models.

Model Paint Option
Singer Porsche 911 Targa Mint Green Metallic
Singer Porsche 911 Coupe Arctic Silver
Singer Porsche 911 Lightweight Blood Orange
Singer Porsche 911 Safari Safari Beige

Price Comparison

Compare the prices of Singer Porsche models to luxury sports cars.

Model Price Range
Singer Porsche 911 Targa $595,000 – $800,000
Lamborghini Huracan $261,274 – $335,800
Ferrari 488 GTB $252,800 – $288,000
Porsche 911 GT3 RS $187,500 – $212,000

Singer Porsche has revolutionized the world of automotive restoration and customization by creating exceptional and unique Porsche 911s. These tables highlight various elements of Singer Porsche vehicles, including their performance capabilities, rare materials used, horsepower enhancements, and more. With their meticulous attention to detail and innovative designs, Singer Porsche cars have captivated car enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Each Singer Porsche model is a testament to the company’s dedication to craftsmanship and passion for the art of automotive engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Singer Porsche?

A Singer Porsche is a custom-built and restored Porsche sports car by Singer Vehicle Design. They are known for their exquisite attention to detail and performance enhancements, making them highly sought after by car enthusiasts.

How is a Singer Porsche different from a regular Porsche?

A Singer Porsche differs from a regular Porsche in several ways. It undergoes a complete restoration process, including bodywork, interior refinements, and mechanical upgrades. Singer also collaborates with various automotive experts to enhance performance, handling, and design elements.

What are some notable features of a Singer Porsche?

Some notable features of a Singer Porsche include a bespoke interior with high-quality materials, carefully selected color schemes, aerodynamic enhancements, upgraded suspension systems, and hand-built engines that deliver enhanced performance.

Can I customize my Singer Porsche?

Yes, Singer Vehicle Design offers a range of customization options for their clients. You can work with their team to choose your desired color schemes, materials, interior layouts, and performance modifications to create a unique and personalized Singer Porsche.

How much does a Singer Porsche cost?

The price of a Singer Porsche can vary depending on the specific customization options and specifications. However, Singer Porsches are generally known to be prestigious and high-end vehicles, often with prices starting in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Where can I buy a Singer Porsche?

Singer Porsches are not sold through traditional dealership networks. The best way to inquire about purchasing a Singer Porsche is to directly contact Singer Vehicle Design and express your interest in their vehicles.

Can I order a Singer Porsche if I live outside the United States?

Yes, Singer Vehicle Design ships their custom-built Porsches internationally. Regardless of your location, you can reach out to Singer’s sales team to discuss the ordering and shipping process for your desired Singer Porsche.

How long does it take to build a Singer Porsche?

The time required to build a Singer Porsche can vary depending on the complexity of the customization and the availability of parts. Generally, it takes several months to complete the restoration and enhancement process, ensuring each Singer Porsche meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

What is the warranty for a Singer Porsche?

Singer Vehicle Design provides a warranty for their custom-built Porsches. The length and specific terms of the warranty may vary, so it is recommended to consult with Singer’s sales team to understand the warranty coverage for your Singer Porsche.

Can I have my existing Porsche modified by Singer Vehicle Design?

Singer Vehicle Design primarily works on their own bespoke restorations and does not offer modification services for existing Porsches. Their focus is on delivering the Singer Porsche experience through their meticulously crafted vehicles.