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Songs Keith Richards Sings

Songs Keith Richards Sings

Keith Richards, known for his role as the guitarist for the Rolling Stones, is also a talented vocalist and songwriter. While Mick Jagger is the primary lead singer of the band, Richards takes the lead on certain songs adding his unique vocal style to the mix. Let’s explore some of the songs where Richards takes the mic and showcases his vocal prowess.

Key Takeaways

  • Keith Richards sings lead on select songs in the Rolling Stones’ discography.
  • His vocal style complements Mick Jagger’s, adding a gritty edge to the music.
  • Richards’ songs often have a raw and bluesy feel, reflecting his musical influences.

Songs Featuring Keith Richards on Lead Vocals

Keith Richards has lent his distinctive voice to several Rolling Stones songs throughout their extensive career. Here are some notable examples:

Table 1: Songs with Keith Richards on Lead Vocals

Song Album Year
Before They Make Me Run Some Girls 1978
Happy Exile on Main St. 1972
Connection Between the Buttons 1967

Keith Richards as a Songwriter

In addition to his vocal contributions, Keith Richards has co-written many iconic Rolling Stones songs. His songwriting partnership with Mick Jagger is legendary in the world of rock music.

One particularly interesting fact is that Richards often composes songs playing a five-string guitar, which gives his compositions a distinctive sound. His songwriting style often incorporates bluesy riffs and introspective lyrics.

Table 2: Iconic Songs Co-Written by Keith Richards

Song Album Year
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Out of Our Heads 1965
Start Me Up Tattoo You 1981
Angie Goats Head Soup 1973

Keith Richards’ Impact on the Rolling Stones’ Sound

Richards’ contributions as a vocalist and songwriter have played a pivotal role in shaping the Rolling Stones‘ sound. His distinct voice and songwriting style have influenced the band’s musical direction, adding depth and diversity to their repertoire.

Interestingly, Richards’ love for open tunings has also had a significant impact on the band’s guitar-driven sound, enabling unique chord progressions and creating a signature sound that fans recognize and cherish.

Table 3: Keith Richards’ Contributed to Iconic Rolling Stones Songs

Song Album Contributions
Jumpin’ Jack Flash Single Lead and rhythm guitars
Gimme Shelter Let It Bleed Lead and rhythm guitars
Paint It Black Aftermath Lead guitar

Keith Richards‘ contributions as a vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist have made an indelible mark on the Rolling Stones’ music. His unique vocal style, bluesy songwriting, and infectious guitar riffs have cemented his position as a rock ‘n’ roll legend.

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Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

Songs Keith Richards Sings

There are several common misconceptions surrounding the topic of the songs that Keith Richards sings. Let’s address three of these misconceptions:

Misconception 1: Keith Richards does not sing lead vocals on any Rolling Stones songs.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Keith Richards has actually taken lead vocals on several iconic Rolling Stones songs.
  • Examples of songs where Keith Richards sings lead include “Happy,” “Before They Make Me Run,” and “You Got the Silver.”
  • Richards’ unique raspy voice adds a distinct flavor to these tracks.

Misconception 2: Keith Richards‘ singing abilities are overshadowed by Mick Jagger.

  • Although Mick Jagger is primarily known as the lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards’ singing abilities should not be overlooked.
  • Richards’ vocals provide a gritty contrast to Jagger’s more polished style, creating a dynamic blend in their songs.
  • Many fans appreciate Richards’ raw and authentic vocal performances.

Misconception 3: Keith Richards does not sing at live concerts.

  • Another common misconception is that Keith Richards only plays guitar and does not sing at the Rolling Stones’ live concerts.
  • In fact, Richards has been known to take lead vocals on certain songs during their performances, giving Jagger a moment to rest or showcase other talents.
  • This adds variety and keeps the audience engaged throughout the concert.

Misconception 4: Keith Richards sings in a similar style to Mick Jagger.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Richards has a distinctive singing style that sets him apart from Jagger.
  • His rough, bluesy vocals often have a more laid-back and soulful tone compared to Jagger’s energetic and flashy delivery.
  • Richards’ singing style reflects his unique personality and musical influences.

Misconception 5: Keith Richards‘ singing contributions are insignificant.

  • Some people mistakenly believe that Richards’ singing contributions are minimal and secondary to his guitar playing.
  • However, his vocal performances have become iconic and integral to the Rolling Stones’ sound.
  • Richards’ distinct voice has left an indelible mark on numerous songs and has earned him recognition as a versatile musician.

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Songs Written by Keith Richards

Keith Richards, legendary guitarist and songwriter for The Rolling Stones, has made a significant impact on the world of music with his timeless songs. Here are some of the notable songs he has written throughout his career:

Song Title Year Released Album
Jumpin’ Jack Flash 1968 Single
Brown Sugar 1971 Sticky Fingers
Gimme Shelter 1969 Let It Bleed
Satisfaction 1965 Out of Our Heads
Start Me Up 1981 Tattoo You

These are just a few examples of the extraordinary music that Keith Richards has contributed to The Rolling Stones’ extensive catalog.

Keith Richards’ Vocal Performance on Selected Rolling Stones Albums

While Keith Richards is best known for his guitar skills, he has also taken the lead vocal role on several tracks. Here are some notable albums featuring Keith Richards‘ vocals:

Album Title Song(s) with Keith Richards on Lead Vocals
Exile on Main St. Happy, All Down the Line
Some Girls Before They Make Me Run
Tattoo You Little T&A, You Must Be the One, Wanna Hold You
Voodoo Lounge The Worst
A Bigger Bang This Place Is Empty

Keith Richards‘ raspy yet captivating voice can be heard on these albums, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

Years Active: Keith Richards vs. The Rolling Stones

Keith Richards has been an integral part of The Rolling Stones since the band’s formation, but how do their years of activity compare? Let’s take a look:

Keith Richards The Rolling Stones
1962 – Present 1962 – Present

Both Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones have been rocking the music world since their inception, and their passion for music continues to this day.

Keith Richards’ Contribution to Songwriting

Keith Richards is not only a talented musician but also a prolific songwriter. Here are some aspects of his songwriting that make his work stand out:

Characteristic Description
Open G Tuning Keith Richards often utilizes open G tuning on his guitar, creating a unique and instantly recognizable sound.
Riffs Richards’ songwriting is characterized by memorable guitar riffs that drive the songs and captivate audiences.
Blues Influence His love for blues music is evident in his songwriting, infusing a soulful quality into many of his compositions.
Collaboration with Mick Jagger Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have formed a songwriting partnership for decades, resulting in timeless classics.
Lyricism Richards’ lyrics often encompass themes of rebellion, love, and the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, resonating with fans worldwide.

These elements contribute to the enduring appeal of Keith Richards‘ songwriting, cementing his status as a rock music icon.

Keith Richards’ Early Influences

Like all musicians, Keith Richards was influenced by various artists and genres. Here are some notable influences on his musical journey:

Influence Notable Artist(s)
Blues Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson
Rock ‘n’ Roll Chuck Berry, Little Richard
Folk Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie
Country Hank Williams, Johnny Cash
R&B James Brown, Sam Cooke

These early influences played a vital role in shaping Keith Richards‘ musical style and were crucial in the development of The Rolling Stones’ sound.

Keith Richards’ Guitar Collection

Keith Richards is known for his distinct guitar sound. Let’s explore some of the guitars that have been part of his extensive collection:

Guitar Model Description
Fender Telecaster Richards’ go-to guitar, offering a raw and powerful tone
Gibson Les Paul A versatile guitar, capable of producing both smooth and aggressive sounds
1963 Gibson ES-335 Known for its semi-hollow body and warm, rich tone
Gretsch Country Gentleman Providing a unique twangy sound, perfect for rockabilly and blues
Dobro A resonator guitar, adding a distinctive slide guitar sound to Richards’ repertoire

The variety of guitars in Keith Richards‘ collection allows him to create a diverse range of sounds that contribute to The Rolling Stones’ iconic music.

Keith Richards’ Most Memorable Guitar Solos

Keith Richards‘ guitar solos have become legendary. Here are some of his most memorable solos that have captured the hearts of fans:

Song Album Guitar Solo Description
Sympathy for the Devil Beggars Banquet A haunting and improvisational solo that adds an eerie atmosphere to the song
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking Sticky Fingers An energetic and bluesy solo that captivates listeners from start to finish
Brown Sugar Sticky Fingers A catchy and melodic solo that perfectly complements the song’s infectious rhythm
Start Me Up Tattoo You A dynamic and instantly recognizable solo that contributes to the song’s driving energy
Beast of Burden Some Girls A soulful and emotive solo that showcases Richards’ ability to convey deep emotions through his guitar playing

These solos exemplify Keith Richards‘ prowess on the guitar, leaving an indelible mark on the history of rock music.

Keith Richards’ Contributions to The Rolling Stones’ Image

In addition to his musical talents, Keith Richards has had a significant influence on The Rolling Stones’ image and overall aesthetic. Here are some notable contributions:

Contribution Description
Pirate Attitude Richards’ swagger and rebellious spirit have given The Rolling Stones a captivating and edgy persona.
Signature Style His fashion choices, including bandanas, skull rings, and scarves, have become synonymous with his rock ‘n’ roll image.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle Keith Richards’ notorious off-stage antics, intertwined with his music, have solidified The Rolling Stones’ status as the epitome of rock ‘n’ roll excess.
Longevity Richards’ resilience and dedication to music have played a vital role in The Rolling Stones’ longevity, ensuring their continued success and relevance.
Iconic Stage Presence His dynamic energy and charismatic stage presence have captivated audiences worldwide, making every Rolling Stones concert an unforgettable experience.

Keith Richards‘ contributions extend beyond his musical abilities, exemplifying his impact on rock ‘n’ roll culture.

Keith Richards‘ contributions to The Rolling Stones and the music industry as a whole have solidified his status as a revered musician and songwriter. From his iconic guitar riffs to his soulful vocals, Richards has left an indelible mark on rock ‘n’ roll history. His songwriting prowess, unique persona, and enduring presence have propelled The Rolling Stones to unprecedented heights. Through his distinct style, unwavering passion, and undeniable talent, Keith Richards continues to shape the world of music.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Songs Keith Richards Sings

Q: What songs does Keith Richards sing?
A: Keith Richards sings lead vocals on various songs with The Rolling Stones, including ‘Happy,’ ‘Before They Make Me Run,’ ‘You Got the Silver,’ ‘Little T&A,’ and ‘All About You.’
Q: Are there any songs where Keith Richards shares the lead vocals with Mick Jagger?
A: Yes, Keith Richards shares the lead vocals with Mick Jagger on songs like ‘Salt of the Earth,’ ‘Memory Motel,’ ‘Happy,’ ‘Before They Make Me Run,’ and ‘You Got the Silver.’
Q: Has Keith Richards released any solo albums with songs he sings?
A: Yes, Keith Richards has released solo albums where he sings lead vocals on several songs. Some of these albums include ‘Talk Is Cheap,’ ‘Main Offender,’ and ‘Crosseyed Heart.’
Q: What is Keith Richards’ most popular song as a lead vocalist?
A: One of Keith Richards’ most popular songs as a lead vocalist is ‘Happy’ from The Rolling Stones’ album ‘Exile on Main St.’
Q: How does Keith Richards’ singing style differ from Mick Jagger’s?
A: Keith Richards’ singing style is often described as rough, raspy, and soulful. It has a distinctive bluesy quality and complements Mick Jagger’s more energetic and flamboyant style.
Q: Are there any songs where Keith Richards sings backup vocals?
A: Yes, Keith Richards often sings backup vocals on many Rolling Stones songs, providing harmonies and adding depth to the overall sound.
Q: Does Keith Richards write the songs he sings?
A: Yes, Keith Richards co-writes many of the songs where he sings lead vocals with Mick Jagger. He is known for his songwriting contributions to The Rolling Stones.
Q: Has Keith Richards ever performed songs he sings in solo live performances?
A: Yes, Keith Richards has performed songs he sings in his solo live performances, often drawing from his solo albums and occasionally including Rolling Stones songs where he takes lead vocals.
Q: What is the range of Keith Richards’ singing voice?
A: Keith Richards has a baritone range and is known for his gritty and distinctive vocal delivery.
Q: Does Keith Richards have any solo hits as a lead singer?
A: While Keith Richards hasn’t had major solo hits as a lead singer, his songs have gained popularity among his fans and have become staples in his live performances.