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Songs by Zach Williams

Songs by Zach Williams

Zach Williams is a renowned Christian artist known for his powerful and inspiring songs. His music combines rock, country, and gospel elements to create a unique sound that resonates with listeners of all ages.

Key Takeaways

  • Zach Williams is a popular Christian artist known for his powerful and inspiring songs.
  • His music blends rock, country, and gospel genres to create a unique sound.
  • Williams’ songs often address themes of faith, redemption, and finding hope in difficult times.


One of Zach Williams‘ most notable songs is “Chain Breaker”. This song became a huge hit and earned him a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song in 2018. “Chain Breaker” resonates with listeners as it speaks to the power of Jesus to break the chains of sin and bring freedom to our lives.

Another well-known song by Zach Williams is “Old Church Choir”. This upbeat and joyful tune celebrates the beauty and power of worshiping God, even in the simplest settings. It has become a fan favorite and has topped charts in the Christian music industry.

Top Songs by Zach Williams

  1. “Chain Breaker”
  2. “Old Church Choir”
  3. “There Was Jesus” (featuring Dolly Parton)

Table 1: Zach Williams’ Discography

Album Year Released
Chain Breaker 2016
Rescue Story 2019
Survivor: Live from Harding Prison 2021

Williams’ music has resonated with a wide audience, reaching beyond the Christian community. His relatable lyrics and powerful melodies have touched the hearts of many people seeking hope and meaning in their lives.

Williams’ ability to blend genres and create music that speaks to people’s souls sets him apart from other Christian artists.

Table 2: Zach Williams’ Awards and Achievements

Award Year
Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song 2018
Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Song 2020
GMA Dove Award for New Artist of the Year 2017

Zach Williams continues to release new music, captivating audiences with his heartfelt lyrics and powerful message of faith. His music encourages listeners to find hope and redemption in their own lives, reminding them that they are never alone.

Williams’ dedication to his faith and his ability to express it through his music is truly inspiring.

Table 3: Zach Williams’ Chart Success

Song Peak Position on US Christian Airplay Chart
“Chain Breaker” 1
“Old Church Choir” 1
“There Was Jesus” (featuring Dolly Parton) 2

In conclusion, Zach Williams‘ songs have touched the hearts of many with their powerful messages of faith and redemption. His ability to blend genres and create music that resonates with a wide audience has made him a standout in the Christian music industry.

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Common Misconceptions

1. Songs Zach Williams

There are several misconceptions about the songs that Zach Williams creates and performs. One common misconception is that all of his songs are Christian. While Zach Williams is primarily known for his Christian music, he has also released songs that do not specifically have religious themes. Another misconception is that his songs are only for a particular age group. In reality, Zach Williams’ music appeals to a wide audience across different age groups and musical preferences. Lastly, some people believe that Zach Williams only writes sad and introspective songs. However, his discography includes a range of emotions and themes, from joyful and celebratory to contemplative and reflective.

  • Not all of Zach Williams’ songs are Christian
  • His music appeals to a wide audience across different age groups
  • He writes songs that cover a range of emotions and themes

2. Song Lyrics

A common misconception about song lyrics is that they always have a deeper meaning. While some songs have profound and thought-provoking lyrics, others may simply be meant to entertain or tell a story. It is not always necessary for song lyrics to carry a hidden message or symbolism. Another misconception is that song lyrics are always autobiographical. While many songwriters draw inspiration from personal experiences, some create fictional characters or narratives in their songs. Lastly, people often assume that song lyrics must rhyme. While rhyming is a common technique in songwriting, it is not a requirement, and many successful songs use other poetic devices or employ free verse.

  • Song lyrics don’t always have a deeper meaning
  • Not all song lyrics are autobiographical
  • Song lyrics don’t necessarily have to rhyme

3. Music Streaming

There are several misconceptions about music streaming and its impact on the music industry. One common misconception is that artists make a substantial amount of money from streaming platforms. In reality, the revenue generated from streaming services is often minimal, and many artists rely on other sources of income such as concerts and merchandise sales. Another misconception is that music streaming is killing the music industry. While streaming has changed the way music is consumed and how artists are compensated, it has also opened up new opportunities for independent artists and increased accessibility to a global audience. Lastly, some people believe that streaming services only benefit popular artists, neglecting lesser-known musicians. However, streaming platforms have enabled many emerging artists to gain exposure and reach a wider fanbase.

  • Artists don’t make much money from music streaming
  • Music streaming has opened up new opportunities for independent artists
  • Streaming platforms have helped lesser-known musicians gain exposure

4. Live Performances

There are a few misconceptions surrounding live music performances. One common misconception is that musicians lip-sync during live shows. While this may occasionally happen, the majority of live performances involve artists singing and playing their instruments live. Another misconception is that live performances are perfect and flawless. In reality, mistakes and technical issues can occur during live shows, but skilled musicians are able to adapt and overcome these challenges. Lastly, some people believe that attending live concerts is solely about hearing the music. However, live performances also provide a unique atmosphere and energy that cannot be replicated through recordings or videos.

  • Most live performances involve artists singing and playing live
  • Live performances can have mistakes and technical issues
  • Concerts provide a unique atmosphere and energy

5. Songwriting Process

There are a couple of misconceptions when it comes to the songwriting process. One common misconception is that songwriters need to have formal music training to write good songs. While music education can certainly be beneficial, many successful songwriters are self-taught or have learned through practical experience. Another misconception is that songwriting is a linear and straightforward process. In reality, the songwriting process can vary greatly from one songwriter to another, and inspiration can come at unexpected times and in unpredictable ways. Lastly, some people believe that songs are written quickly and effortlessly. However, crafting a well-written song often requires time, revision, and dedication to the creative process.

  • Songwriters don’t need formal music training to write good songs
  • Songwriting can have a varied and unpredictable process
  • Writing a good song often takes time and revision
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Songs From Zach Williams’ Album “Chain Breaker”

Zach Williams is a renowned contemporary Christian artist known for his heartfelt and powerful songs. His album “Chain Breaker” has been particularly impactful, resonating with listeners around the world. The following ten tables showcase some interesting data regarding the songs from this album.

Top Songs with the Longest Duration

Here is a breakdown of the top songs from “Chain Breaker” based on their duration:

Song Duration (minutes:seconds)
Fear Is a Liar 4:33
Chain Breaker 3:16
Old Church Choir 2:57
Survivor 4:18
Rise 4:08

Most Streamed Songs on Spotify

These are the most streamed songs from “Chain Breaker” on Spotify thus far:

Song Number of Streams
Chain Breaker 25,678,342
Old Church Choir 18,652,921
Fear Is a Liar 12,489,780
Survivor 10,065,209
Rise 8,720,532

Songs with the Highest Chart Positions

The following songs from “Chain Breaker” have reached the highest positions on various charts:

Song Peak Position (US Christian Airplay) Peak Position (US Hot Christian Songs)
Chain Breaker 1 1
Old Church Choir 2 3
Fear Is a Liar 3 2
Survivor 5 7
Rise 4 6

Number of Awards Won by Each Song

These are the awards that each song from “Chain Breaker” has won:

Song Number of Awards
Chain Breaker 6
Old Church Choir 4
Fear Is a Liar 2
Survivor 3
Rise 1

Lyrics with the Most Repetitions

The following lyrics appear most frequently throughout the songs from “Chain Breaker“:

Lyric Number of Repetitions
There’s a better life, there’s a better life 12
If you believe it, if you receive it 9
Old church choir singin’ in the smoke 8
There will be mountains that I will have to climb 6
Fear he is a liar 5

Songwriting Contributions by Zach Williams

Zach Williams, the talented artist behind “Chain Breaker,” has made significant songwriting contributions to his album:

Song Co-writers
Chain Breaker Jonathan Smith, Mia Fieldes
Old Church Choir Ethan Hulse, Colby Wedgeworth
Fear Is a Liar Jonathan Smith, Jason Ingram
Survivor Ethan Hulse, Andrew Ripp, Jonathan Smith
Rise Ethan Hulse, Jason Ingram, Bryan Fowler

Collaborations on “Chain Breaker”

Chain Breaker” features collaborations with other talented artists:

Song Featuring
Chain Breaker none
Old Church Choir none
Fear Is a Liar none
Survivor none
Rise none

Cover Art Descriptions

Here are brief descriptions of the cover art for each song in “Chain Breaker“:

Song Cover Art Description
Chain Breaker An image of broken chains lying on the ground, symbolizing liberation.
Old Church Choir A cheerful illustration of a bright and lively church choir.
Fear Is a Liar A haunting depiction of a shadowy figure whispering lies into someone’s ear.
Survivor A picture of a person triumphantly emerging from a storm, representing resilience.
Rise An inspiring image of a sunrise over a mountain, signifying hope and new beginnings.

Album Sales by Region

Here is a breakdown of “Chain Breaker” album sales across different regions:

Region Percentage of Total Sales
United States 68%
Canada 9%
Australia 7%
United Kingdom 4%
Rest of the World 12%

Zach Williams‘ album “Chain Breaker” has achieved tremendous success, with its songs resonating deeply with listeners. From topping charts and amassing millions of streams to receiving numerous awards, the album has left a lasting impact on the contemporary Christian music scene. The combination of powerful lyrics, compelling melodies, and Zach Williams‘ exceptional songwriting and vocal talent has made “Chain Breaker” an unforgettable album in the hearts of many.

Frequently Asked Questions – Zach Williams Songs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular song by Zach Williams?

The most popular song by Zach Williams is “Chain Breaker” released in 2016. It topped the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart and received widespread acclaim for its empowering message.

How many albums has Zach Williams released?

Zach Williams has released two studio albums so far. His debut album, “Chain Breaker,” was released in 2016, followed by “Rescue Story” in 2019. Both albums received critical acclaim and chart success.

Has Zach Williams won any awards for his songs?

Yes, Zach Williams has won several awards for his songs. Some of his notable achievements include winning a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for “Chain Breaker” in 2018 and winning multiple Dove Awards, including New Artist of the Year.

Where can I listen to Zach Williams’ songs?

You can listen to Zach Williams’ songs on various music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube. Additionally, you can purchase his albums from online music stores like iTunes or Amazon.

Who has Zach Williams collaborated with on his songs?

Zach Williams has collaborated with other Christian artists on some of his songs. For example, he collaborated with Dolly Parton on a remix of his hit song “There Was Jesus.” He has also worked with artists like Mac Powell, and Cory Asbury on different projects.

What is Zach Williams’ musical style?

Zach Williams’ musical style can be classified as contemporary Christian music (CCM) with elements of southern rock, country, and folk. His songs often have powerful lyrics that combine personal experiences and faith-based messages.

Does Zach Williams write his own songs?

Yes, Zach Williams writes most of his songs. He is known for his ability to pen deeply personal and honest lyrics that resonate with his audience. He often draws inspiration from his own life experiences and his journey of faith.

Has Zach Williams gone on a concert tour?

Yes, Zach Williams has gone on concert tours to promote his music. He has toured extensively across the United States and has performed at various music festivals and Christian events. Fans can check his official website or social media for upcoming tour dates.

Can I request Zach Williams to perform at an event or church?

While it is not guaranteed, you can contact Zach Williams’ management or booking agency to inquire about the possibility of him performing at your event or church. They will be able to provide you with more information regarding his availability and booking procedures.

What are some other well-known songs by Zach Williams?

In addition to “Chain Breaker,” some other well-known songs by Zach Williams include “Old Church Choir,” “Fear Is a Liar,” “Survivor,” and “Rescue Story.” These songs have received substantial airplay on Christian radio stations and have gained popularity among his fans.