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Tracks is a 2013 Australian drama film directed by John Curran and based on the memoir of the same name by Robyn Davidson. The film follows Davidson’s journey as she treks across the Australian desert in 1977, accompanied by her dog and four camels. It explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the connection between humans and nature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tracks is a 2013 Australian drama film based on Robyn Davidson’s memoir.
  • The film depicts Davidson’s solo journey through the Australian desert in 1977.
  • Tracks explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the connection between humans and nature.

Plot Summary:

The film follows Robyn Davidson, a young woman who decides to undertake a grueling solo journey across the unforgiving Australian desert. With her faithful dog and four camels in tow, she begins her trek from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. Facing numerous challenges, including harsh weather conditions, encounters with wild animals, and her own inner demons, Davidson finds herself questioning her motivations and testing her physical and mental limits. Along the way, she forms a connection with a National Geographic photographer, Rick Smolan, who occasionally meets her to document her journey.

*Despite the hardships she faces, Davidson is determined to complete her journey and find inner peace, gaining a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her along the way.*

Inspiration and Real-Life Story:

The film is based on the real-life story of Robyn Davidson, who undertook a solo trek across the Australian desert in the late 1970s. Davidson’s memoir, also titled “Tracks,” chronicles her experiences during the journey and serves as the primary source material for the film. In the memoir, Davidson reflects on her motivations, the challenges she faced, and the profound impact the journey had on her life.

^Davidson’s decision to undertake such a daring and solitary adventure was fueled by a desire for personal growth and a yearning for solitude in the vast, untouched wilderness of the Australian outback.^

Cast and Production:

The film features an ensemble cast, with Mia Wasikowska portraying Robyn Davidson and Adam Driver playing Rick Smolan. Wasikowska delivers a strong and nuanced performance, capturing the determination and vulnerability of Davidson. The cinematography by Mandy Walker beautifully captures the harsh yet stunning landscapes of the Australian desert, adding to the visual appeal of the film.

Success and Reception:

Upon its release, Tracks received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its stunning visuals, captivating storytelling, and strong performances. It was particularly acclaimed for its exploration of themes such as self-discovery and human-nature connection. Tracks was also recognized with several award nominations and wins, further solidifying its critical and commercial success.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The real-life Robyn Davidson wrote an article for National Geographic about her journey, which attracted the attention of the film’s producer, Emile Sherman.
  2. The camels used in the film were sourced from various parts of Australia and trained to perform specific tasks.
  3. The actual trek took almost nine months to complete, but the film condenses the time to emphasize the most significant aspects of Davidson’s journey.


Watch the trailer for Tracks here.

Box Office Performance:

Country Box Office Gross
Australia $3.3 million
United States $4.6 million

Awards and Nominations:

Award Category Result
Australian Film Critics Association Awards Best Actress Won (Mia Wasikowska)
AACTA Awards Best Actress in a Leading Role Nominated (Mia Wasikowska)
AFI Awards Best Film Nominated


Tracks is a captivating film that explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the connection between humans and nature. Based on the real-life story of Robyn Davidson, the film offers a powerful and visually stunning depiction of her solo journey across the Australian desert. With strong performances, beautiful cinematography, and a compelling narrative, Tracks is a must-watch for those seeking an inspirational tale of determination and personal growth amidst the vastness of nature.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception: Tracks is a movie about train tracks

One common misconception about the movie Tracks is that it is about train tracks. In reality, Tracks is not about trains or railroad tracks at all. Instead, it is a biographical drama film based on the true story of Robyn Davidson’s 1,700-mile solo trek across the Australian desert with her dog and four camels.

  • The movie is centered around a woman’s incredible journey through the Australian desert.
  • Tracks explores themes of adventure, self-discovery, and resilience.
  • It showcases the relationship between humans and animals in a challenging environment.

Misconception: Tracks is a fast-paced action movie

Another common misconception about Tracks is that it is a fast-paced action movie. While there are undoubtedly thrilling moments, the film primarily focuses on the protagonist’s introspective journey and her interactions with the vast Australian landscape.

  • The movie takes a slow and contemplative approach to storytelling.
  • It emphasizes the solitude and quiet moments experienced during a long-distance trek.
  • Tracks prioritizes character development over non-stop action sequences.

Misconception: Tracks is a fictional story

Many people mistakenly believe that Tracks is a fictional story created solely for entertainment purposes. However, the movie is based on a true story and is an adaptation of Robyn Davidson’s memoir with the same name.

  • The events depicted in the movie actually happened to Robyn Davidson in 1977.
  • Tracks offers a glimpse into the real-life challenges faced by the protagonist during her remarkable journey.
  • The movie highlights the resilience and determination of a woman who defied societal expectations.

Misconception: Tracks is only for outdoor enthusiasts

One misconception that some people have is that Tracks is only enjoyable for outdoor enthusiasts or those interested in long-distance treks. While the movie does appeal to nature lovers and adventure seekers, it also explores universal themes that can resonate with a wide audience.

  • The film delves into the universal human craving for exploration and a sense of purpose.
  • Tracks offers a captivating story that goes beyond the physical challenges of the journey.
  • It explores the emotional and psychological aspects of embarking on a solitary adventure.

Misconception: Tracks is a well-known blockbuster

Contrary to popular belief, Tracks is not a widely known blockbuster like some of the Hollywood movies. It is an independent film that gained critical acclaim for its artistic approach and the portrayal of a remarkable real-life story.

  • The movie received positive reviews from critics for its authenticity and compelling narrative.
  • While it may not have achieved mainstream popularity, Tracks has a dedicated following.
  • It has been praised for its cinematography and Mia Wasikowska’s compelling performance as Robyn Davidson.
Image of Tracks Movie

Tracks Movie

The movie “Tracks” tells the incredible true story of Robyn Davidson, who embarked on a 1,700-mile journey across the Australian desert accompanied by her dog and four camels. It is a tale of determination, self-discovery, and the indomitable spirit of adventure. In this article, we present ten fascinating tables that provide interesting insights and data related to the movie.

Box Office Performance

The following table highlights the box office performance of the movie “Tracks” in various countries:

Country Opening Weekend Gross Total Gross
United States $145,440 $4,795,576
Australia $3,431,065 $5,963,494
United Kingdom $768,186 $1,586,977

Awards and Nominations

This table showcases the accolades received by the movie “Tracks” at various prestigious award ceremonies:

Award Category Result
Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards Best Film Won
Australian Film Critics Association Awards Best Film Won
London Film Festival Awards Best Film Nominated

Ratings and Reviews

Check out the ratings and critical acclaim the movie “Tracks” received from audiences and critics:

Review Source Average Rating
Rotten Tomatoes 7.3/10
IMDb 7.2/10
Metacritic 80/100

Cast and Crew

Discover the talented individuals who contributed to the creation of “Tracks” as part of its cast and crew:

Position/Role Person
Director John Curran
Writer Marion Nelson
Lead Actress Mia Wasikowska


The table below showcases the songs included in the official soundtrack of the movie “Tracks”:

Song Title Artist
Sola Gratia (Part 2) Lisa Gerrard
Turkey Vulture Alex Heffes
Into the Dead Heart Tom Hodge & Franz Kirmann


Explore the genre classification of the movie “Tracks” and how it fits within the context of other genres:

Main Genre Subgenre
Adventure Biography

Release Dates

Know when and where “Tracks” was released globally:

Country Release Date
Australia March 6, 2014
United States September 19, 2014
United Kingdom April 25, 2014

Production Budget

Get insights into the production budget of the movie “Tracks” and how it compares to other films:

Movie Title Production Budget
Tracks $12 million
Mad Max: Fury Road $150 million

Running Time

Find out the duration of the movie “Tracks” and how it compares to other films:

Movie Title Running Time
Tracks 1 hour and 52 minutes
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 3 hours and 48 minutes


“Tracks” captivated audiences with its compelling story, extraordinary performances, and breathtaking cinematography. The film garnered critical acclaim, receiving awards and nominations from prestigious organizations. It achieved a solid box office performance, resonating with viewers around the world. The incredible journey of Robyn Davidson, beautifully depicted in “Tracks,” exemplifies the courage to follow one’s dreams and the enduring power of the human spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of the movie Tracks?

The movie Tracks follows the journey of Robyn Davidson, a young woman who undertakes a solo trek across the Australian desert on camelback. Through breathtaking cinematography, we witness her struggles, self-discovery, and encounters with nature and the Aboriginal people.

Who are the main actors in Tracks?

The main actors in Tracks include Mia Wasikowska, who plays the role of Robyn Davidson, and Adam Driver, who portrays Rick Smolan. They deliver remarkable performances that bring the characters to life.

Is Tracks based on a true story?

Yes, Tracks is based on the true story of Robyn Davidson’s nine-month journey across the Australian desert in 1977. She chronicled her experience in the book “Tracks,” which served as the source material for the film.

Who directed Tracks?

Tracks was directed by John Curran. His skilled direction adds depth to the story, capturing the beauty of the Australian landscape while emphasizing the emotional and physical challenges faced by the protagonist.

What awards has Tracks won or been nominated for?

Tracks has received critical acclaim and has been nominated for several prestigious awards. Some notable nominations include the AACTA Award for Best Director and Best Actress, the Australian Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress, and the Film Critics Circle of Australia Award for Best Director.

Where was Tracks filmed?

Tracks was primarily filmed in various locations across Australia, including South Australia, Queensland, and Western Australia. The stunning landscapes captured on-screen provide an authentic backdrop for Robyn Davidson’s journey.

What is the running time of Tracks?

The running time of Tracks is approximately 112 minutes. This allows for a captivating cinematic experience that takes the audience on an immersive and thought-provoking journey alongside the main character.

Is Tracks available on DVD or Blu-ray?

Yes, Tracks is available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray. You can find it in select stores or online retailers. Owning a copy of the film allows you to revisit the story and experience the breathtaking visuals whenever you want.

Can I stream Tracks online?

Yes, Tracks is available for streaming on various online platforms. You can check popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu to see if it is currently available in your region.

What other movies are similar to Tracks?

There are several other movies that share a similar theme or vibe with Tracks. Some notable recommendations include “Wild,” “Into the Wild,” “The Way,” “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” and “127 Hours.” These films explore themes of adventure, self-discovery, and the human connection with nature.