What Songs Did Elvis Write?

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What Songs Did Elvis Write?

What Songs Did Elvis Write?

Elvis Presley, also known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” was a legendary singer, musician, and actor who made a significant impact on popular music. While he is renowned for his powerful and charismatic performances, many people are often curious about the songs he wrote. Although Elvis did not write as many songs as he performed, he had a handful of notable compositions that showcased his talent as a songwriter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elvis Presley wrote a modest number of songs throughout his career.
  • His songwriting style was influenced by various genres, including rock and roll, country, and gospel.
  • Some of Elvis’s most famous self-penned songs include “Love Me Tender” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Elvis Presley‘s songwriting career began in the mid-1950s when he started co-writing songs with his guitarist, Scotty Moore, and bassist, Bill Black. Although he relied heavily on outside songwriters, he actively participated in the creative process and contributed to the compositions. Elvis’s songwriting style was a unique blend of his diverse musical influences, incorporating elements of rock and roll, country, gospel, and rhythm and blues.

One of Elvis’s most iconic self-penned songs is “Love Me Tender,” released in 1956. The ballad was inspired by the Civil War era tune “Aura Lee,” and it became an immediate hit. Elvis’s heartfelt lyrics and tender vocals struck a chord with his fans, cementing the song’s place as one of his signature works. *Despite its initial success, “Love Me Tender” was initially titled “Aura Lee” before Elvis and his co-writer, Ken Darby, adapted it into the beloved song we know today.*

Song Title Year Written Chart Peaks
US Billboard Hot 100 UK Singles Chart
Love Me Tender 1956 1 11

Another memorable song written by Elvis is “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” released in 1961. Inspired by the classical piece “Plaisir d’amour,” this romantic ballad became one of his most well-known and cherished songs. The song’s melody and timeless lyrics, coupled with Elvis’s captivating delivery, have made it a perennial favorite. *Interestingly, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” was featured in the soundtrack of Elvis’s film, “Blue Hawaii,” which contributed to its enduring popularity.*

Song Title Year Written Chart Peaks
Can’t Help Falling in Love 1961 2

In addition to these hit songs, Elvis also penned other notable tracks such as “That’s Someone You Never Forget” and “You’ll Be Gone.” Although his songwriting output was comparatively modest, his contributions as a songwriter further showcased his versatility and talent beyond his incredible vocal abilities.

  1. In 1956, Elvis released “Love Me Tender,” a song originally titled “Aura Lee.”
  2. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” was featured in Elvis’s film “Blue Hawaii” and remains an enduring favorite.
  3. Elvis wrote other songs like “That’s Someone You Never Forget” and “You’ll Be Gone.”

Elvis Presley was not only a captivating performer but also an artist with songwriting skills that added depth to his musical legacy. While his songwriting catalog may not be as extensive as his discography, his handful of compositions left an indelible mark on the music industry. Elvis’s ability to connect with his audience through both his own words and the songs he interpreted continues to inspire musicians and fans around the world.

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Common Misconceptions – What Songs Did Elvis Write?

Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Elvis didn’t write any of his songs

One common misconception about Elvis Presley is that he didn’t write any of his songs. However, while it is true that Elvis is primarily known as a performer rather than a songwriter, he did contribute to the songwriting of some of his tracks.

  • Elvis co-wrote several songs throughout his career.
  • Some notable examples include “That’s Someone You Never Forget” and “You’ll Be Gone”.
  • Elvis often made changes to existing songs to suit his own style and preferences.

Misconception 2: Elvis wrote all of his hits

Another misconception is that Elvis wrote all of his popular hits. While Elvis did contribute to the songwriting process for some of his songs, many of his biggest hits were actually written by other artists.

  • Elvis had a team of talented songwriters who provided him with material.
  • Songs like “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Hound Dog” were written by other songwriters.
  • Elvis was known for his ability to interpret and bring new life to existing songs.

Misconception 3: Elvis only sang songs written specifically for him

Some people mistakenly believe that Elvis only sang songs that were specifically written for him. While Elvis did have many songs tailored to his style, he also recorded and performed songs that were originally written for other artists.

  • Elvis often recorded cover versions of popular songs.
  • He had a wide range of musical influences and drew from different genres.
  • Songs like “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “Hey Jude” were originally written and performed by other artists, but Elvis made them his own.

Misconception 4: All of Elvis’ songs were written during his lifetime

Another misconception is that all of Elvis’ songs were written during his lifetime. While Elvis did release a significant number of songs during his career, some of his tracks were written and released posthumously.

  • After Elvis’ death, unreleased recordings and demos were often turned into finished songs.
  • Songs like “Way Down” and “A Little Less Conversation” were released after Elvis passed away.
  • These posthumous releases helped keep his music alive in the years following his death.

Misconception 5: Elvis was primarily known for his songwriting

While Elvis made significant contributions to music, his legacy is predominantly based on his charismatic stage presence and his undeniable talent as a performer, rather than his songwriting abilities.

  • Elvis’ unique combination of vocal prowess, charisma, and style made him a cultural icon.
  • His performances and interpretations of songs continue to captivate audiences around the world.
  • Although he didn’t write all of his songs, Elvis played a crucial role in shaping the music and popular culture of his era.

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The Early Years

Elvis Presley, the iconic King of Rock and Roll, is renowned for his captivating voice and electrifying performances. But did you know that he also had a talent for songwriting? In the early years of his career, Elvis wrote several memorable songs that showcased his versatility as an artist. Let’s take a closer look at some of these fascinating creations:

A Heartfelt Ballad: I Was the One

Elvis touched the hearts of millions with his tender ballad, “I Was the One.” This soulful composition showcases his ability to convey raw emotion through lyrics and melody.

Rocking the Blues: Shake, Rattle and Roll

“Shake, Rattle and Roll” is an explosive rock and roll anthem penned by Elvis himself. This lively track perfectly captures his infectious energy and paved the way for the emerging genre.

A Timeless Classic: Love Me Tender

One of Elvis’ most iconic songs, “Love Me Tender,” remains a staple in popular culture. This romantic ballad exemplifies his skill in crafting timeless melodies that resonate with audiences across generations.

The Rebel’s Anthem: Jailhouse Rock

Inspired by his portrayal of a rebellious inmate in the film of the same name, “Jailhouse Rock” became an instant hit. Elvis’ songwriting prowess shines through in this spirited track that captured the essence of youthful rebellion in the ’50s.

Showcasing Southern Charm: Blue Moon of Kentucky

Elvis’ roots in the Southern United States influenced many of his compositions, including “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” This bluegrass-infused tune celebrates the beauty and charm of his beloved homeland.

Fun and Swingin’: All Shook Up

All Shook Up” became an international sensation upon its release, showcasing Elvis’ ability to capture the essence of youthful excitement. This infectious track was a true embodiment of the 1950s rock and roll era.

Expressing Desires: I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

Elvis’ magnetism and romanticism are evident in his songwriting, particularly in the heartfelt track, “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You.” This melodic plea for love has touched the souls of countless fans.

Reflecting on Longing: Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Known for his ability to convey complex emotions, Elvis crafted “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” as an introspective ballad exploring feelings of solitude and yearning.

The Pursuit of Happiness: (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

Elvis’ charm and charisma shine through in the delightful track, “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear.” This lighthearted composition encapsulates his desire to bring joy and happiness to his audience.

A Serenade to Vegas: Viva Las Vegas

Elvis’ love for Las Vegas was exemplified in “Viva Las Vegas,” an energetic and catchy tune celebrating the city’s vibrant atmosphere. This song solidified Elvis’ connection with the entertainment capital of the world.

Elvis Presley‘s songwriting contributions are a testament to his talent and creative genius. From heartfelt ballads to rock and roll anthems, these self-penned tracks have left an indelible mark on music history. Through his words and melodies, Elvis continues to captivate audiences and inspire generations of aspiring artists.

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