What Songs Did Ringo Write?

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What Songs Did Ringo Write?

What Songs Did Ringo Write?

As the drummer of the iconic band, The Beatles, Ringo Starr‘s musical contributions extended beyond his drumming skills. Throughout his career, Ringo wrote and recorded several songs that showcased his songwriting talent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ringo Starr wrote and recorded numerous songs during his career.
  • His songwriting skills were often overshadowed by his drumming abilities.
  • Ringo’s songs exhibit a range of styles and emotions.

Ringo Starr, known for his distinctive drumming style, also proved his prowess as a songwriter throughout his career. Although often overshadowed by his bandmates John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Ringo contributed his own compositions to The Beatles’ discography, as well as releasing solo material. Let’s take a closer look at some of the noteworthy songs that Ringo wrote.

The Beatles Songs Written by Ringo:

Ringo wrote and sang lead vocals on several songs during his time with The Beatles. These include:

Title Album Year
Octopus’s Garden Abbey Road 1969
Don’t Pass Me By The Beatles (The White Album) 1968

Fun fact: “Octopus’s Garden” was inspired by a trip Ringo took to Sardinia and hearing about how octopuses collect shiny objects to decorate their gardens.

Ringo’s songs often showcased his lighthearted and humorous side, complementing the more introspective compositions of Lennon and McCartney. “Octopus’s Garden,” for example, presented an enjoyable and whimsical escape with its playful lyrics and catchy melody.

Ringo’s Solo Songwriting:

After The Beatles disbanded, Ringo Starr embarked on his solo career, and he continued to write and release his own songs. Some notable examples of Ringo’s solo songwriting include:

  1. It Don’t Come Easy (1971)
  2. Photograph (1973)
  3. You’re Sixteen (1973)
Title Album Year
It Don’t Come Easy Ringo 1973
Photograph Ringo 1973
You’re Sixteen Ringo 1973

Interesting fact: “Photograph,” co-written by Ringo and George Harrison, became a chart-topping hit in multiple countries and is considered one of Ringo’s most successful solo singles.

Ringo’s solo songwriting demonstrated a versatility that encompassed various genres, ranging from rock and pop to country and ballads. His songs often resonated with audiences, showcasing his unique perspective and delivering catchy hooks.

In summary, Ringo Starr‘s songwriting contributions to The Beatles’ catalog and his subsequent solo career showcased his talents beyond his drumming abilities. From lighthearted tunes like “Octopus’s Garden” to chart-topping hits like “Photograph,” Ringo left his mark as a songwriter, proving that his artistic skills extended beyond the confines of the drum set.

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Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

1. Ringo Starr did not write any songs during his time with the Beatles

One common misconception is that Ringo Starr did not contribute as a songwriter during his time with the Beatles. However, this is not entirely accurate. While it is true that Ringo did not write as many songs as other members of the band, he did co-write two songs: “Don’t Pass Me By” from the White Album and “Octopus’s Garden” from Abbey Road.

  • Ringo co-wrote “Don’t Pass Me By” with fellow Beatles George Harrison and Paul McCartney.
  • Despite his limited songwriting contributions, Ringo’s drumming skills were highly influential and contributed to the band’s sound.
  • Ringo wrote and recorded several songs as a solo artist after leaving the Beatles.

2. Ringo’s songwriting ability was overshadowed by other Beatles

Another misconception is that Ringo’s songwriting ability was overshadowed by the other members of the Beatles. While it is true that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the primary songwriters for the band, Ringo’s unique contributions cannot be overlooked.

  • Ringo’s songs brought a light-hearted and melodic feel to the Beatles’ repertoire.
  • His catchy tunes, such as “Octopus’s Garden,” added diversity to their albums.
  • Ringo’s songwriting style reflected his personality and charm.

3. Ringo’s songwriting was limited to his time with the Beatles

Contrary to popular belief, Ringo’s songwriting did not end with the Beatles’ breakup in 1970. As a solo artist, Ringo continued to write and record his own music, showcasing his songwriting skills beyond the band’s era.

  • Ringo has released numerous solo albums with self-penned tracks.
  • His well-known solo hits, such as “Photograph” and “It Don’t Come Easy,” were written by Ringo himself.
  • His solo career demonstrated his ability to craft compelling songs and connect with audiences as a songwriter.

4. Ringo’s contribution to songwriting was insignificant

Some perceive Ringo’s contribution to songwriting as insignificant compared to his fellow bandmates. However, Ringo’s presence and contributions went beyond songwriting, shaping the Beatles’ musical identity and success.

  • Ringo’s drumming style brought a unique energy and rhythm to the Beatles’ songs.
  • His ability to translate complex rhythms into simple and memorable beats made him an essential member of the group.
  • Without Ringo, the Beatles’ sound would not have been as revolutionary or iconic.

5. Ringo’s songwriting legacy has been recognized and celebrated

Over the years, the significance of Ringo’s songwriting contributions has received greater recognition, contradicting the misconception that his legacy has been overlooked or undervalued.

  • Ringo was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2015.
  • He continues to perform his songs during live concerts, showcasing their enduring popularity.
  • Ringo’s influence as a songwriter remains a significant part of the Beatles’ overall contribution to music history.

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Ringo Starr’s Songwriting Contributions to The Beatles

Ringo Starr, the drummer of The Beatles, was not known for his songwriting abilities compared to his bandmates John Lennon and Paul McCartney. However, he did contribute a few songs to the band’s repertoire. The following tables showcase the songs that Ringo Starr wrote during his time with The Beatles.


Released in 1963, “Misery” was a track from The Beatles’ debut album, “Please Please Me.” Ringo Starr co-wrote this song with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It is a soulful tune that beautifully expresses feelings of heartache and despair.

Song Title Album Year
Misery Please Please Me 1963

What Goes On

“What Goes On” appeared on The Beatles’ album “Rubber Soul” in 1965. Ringo Starr collaborated with Lennon and McCartney to create this lighthearted country-inspired track that explores the ups and downs of relationships.

Song Title Album Year
What Goes On Rubber Soul 1965

Don’t Pass Me By

“Don’t Pass Me By” was featured on The Beatles’ 1968 double album, “The Beatles,” also known as the “White Album.” This country-infused song marked Ringo Starr’s first solo composition and showcases his unique musical style.

Song Title Album Year
Don’t Pass Me By The Beatles (White Album) 1968

Octopus’s Garden

“Octopus’s Garden” appeared on The Beatles’ album “Abbey Road” in 1969. Ringo Starr wrote this song as a whimsical piece inspired by a boating trip and later shared it with his bandmates, who helped complete the composition.

Song Title Album Year
Octopus’s Garden Abbey Road 1969

Good Night

Closing out The Beatles’ critically acclaimed “White Album” in 1968, “Good Night” was written by John Lennon but specifically tailored to Ringo Starr’s vocal abilities. This soothing lullaby showcases Ringo’s tender side.

Song Title Album Year
Good Night The Beatles (White Album) 1968


While Ringo Starr‘s songwriting contributions to The Beatles were relatively modest compared to Lennon and McCartney, they added unique and memorable moments to the band’s discography. His songs are a testament to his creativity and collaboration within the group. Despite not being the primary songwriter, Ringo Starr‘s talent and personality continue to resonate through his musical contributions as part of one of the most influential bands in history.

What Songs Did Ringo Write? – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What Songs Did Ringo Write?

Q: Which songs did Ringo Starr write?

A: Ringo Starr wrote several songs during his career as a musician. Some of the well-known songs he wrote include ‘Don’t Pass Me By,’ ‘Octopus’s Garden,’ and ‘It Don’t Come Easy.’ He co-wrote many other songs with the other members of The Beatles and with his solo work as well.

Q: Did Ringo Starr write any songs for other artists?

A: Yes, Ringo Starr has also written songs for other artists. One notable example is the song ‘I’m the Greatest,’ which he wrote for John Lennon and performed it himself on his 1973 album ‘Ringo.’

Q: Which songs did Ringo Starr co-write with other Beatles members?

A: Ringo Starr co-wrote several songs with other Beatles members. Some notable examples include ‘What Goes On,’ which he co-wrote with John Lennon and Paul McCartney and ‘Flying,’ which he co-wrote with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.

Q: Has Ringo Starr written any songs as a solo artist?

A: Yes, Ringo Starr has written many songs as a solo artist. Some popular examples of his solo songwriting include ‘Photograph,’ ‘You’re Sixteen,’ ‘Oh My My,’ and ‘Goodnight Vienna.’ He has released numerous albums featuring his own compositions.

Q: Which Ringo Starr song was the most successful?

A: Ringo Starr‘s most successful song as a solo artist is arguably ‘Photograph.’ Released in 1973, it reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and number eight on the UK Singles Chart. The song remains one of his most enduring hits.

Q: Did Ringo Starr write any songs for The Beatles’ movies?

A: Yes, Ringo Starr contributed songs to The Beatles’ movies. He wrote and performed ‘Octopus’s Garden’ for the film ‘Yellow Submarine.’ Additionally, he co-wrote and performed ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ for the movie ‘The Magic Christian,’ in which he also starred alongside Peter Sellers.

Q: How many songs did Ringo Starr write with The Beatles?

A: Ringo Starr wrote or co-wrote a total of 14 songs with The Beatles. Some of these include ‘Don’t Pass Me By,’ ‘Octopus’s Garden,’ ‘What Goes On,’ and ‘Flying.’ It should be noted that his contributions to songwriting were less frequent compared to John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Q: What instruments did Ringo Starr play on his self-penned songs?

A: Ringo Starr primarily played drums on his self-penned songs. However, he is also known for occasionally playing other instruments such as piano, harmonica, and guitar on some of his tracks.

Q: Did Ringo Starr write any songs for his All-Starr Band?

A: Ringo Starr has not written any original songs specifically for his All-Starr Band. However, during their live performances, he often performs some of his solo compositions and occasionally includes songs written by the other artists who are part of the band.

Q: Has Ringo Starr won any awards for his songwriting?

A: While Ringo Starr is widely recognized for his contributions to music, he has not won any major awards specifically for his songwriting. However, he has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in recognition of his overall musical career.