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Who Sings Dance Monkey

Dance Monkey is a popular song that gained international recognition. It was released by Australian singer-songwriter Toni Watson, professionally known as Tones and I.

Key Takeaways

  • Dance Monkey by Tones and I is a worldwide hit.
  • Toni Watson, also known as Tones and I, wrote and performed the song.
  • The song’s unique sound and catchy lyrics contributed to its success.

Toni Watson first gained attention as a busker on the streets of Byron Bay, Australia. In 2019, she released “Dance Monkey,” which quickly became a viral sensation. The song topped charts in numerous countries and achieved multi-platinum status in several of them. Its upbeat tempo and memorable melody left a lasting impression on listeners.

“Dance Monkey” showcases Tones and I’s distinctive voice and songwriting talent.

Chart Performances

The success of “Dance Monkey” can be seen in its chart performances around the world:

Country Peak Position Weeks at Number 1
Australia 1 24
United States 4
United Kingdom 8 11

Tones and I’s captivating performance and the song’s relatability to everyday life struck a chord with audiences. “Dance Monkey” quickly became a favorite in various music charts and playlists. The song’s appeal transcended borders, making it a global hit.

“Dance Monkey” resonates with listeners worldwide, regardless of cultural backgrounds.

Impact on Tones and I

“Dance Monkey” not only brought fame to the song but also skyrocketed Tones and I’s career. The success of the single opened doors for opportunities, including performances at major music festivals and collaborations with renowned artists. Tones and I continues to release new music and tour internationally.

“Dance Monkey” paved the way for Tones and I’s continued success in the music industry.


The lyrics of “Dance Monkey” revolve around the pressures and expectations placed on performers. Tones and I expresses her personal experiences through poignant words and catchy phrasing. Here is a snippet of the song’s lyrics:

I say, “Oh my god, I see the way you shine
Take your hand, my dear, and place them both in mine”
You know you stopped me dead when I was passing by
And now I beg to see you dance just one more time

Music Video

The official music video for “Dance Monkey” adds another layer to the song’s popularity. The video, directed by Liam Kelly, has amassed hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Its creative visuals and energetic choreography complement the song’s lively vibe.


In conclusion, “Dance Monkey” is a global hit performed by Tones and I that continues to captivate audiences around the world. With its infectious rhythm and relatable lyrics, the song has solidified Tones and I’s place in the music industry and catapulted her to international fame.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Dance Monkey is sung by an American artist

One common misconception about the song “Dance Monkey” is that it is sung by an American artist. In reality, the song is actually performed by an Australian singer named Tones and I. Despite the song’s international success and popularity, many people mistakenly assume it was created by an American artist.

  • Tones and I, the artist who sings Dance Monkey, is originally from Australia.
  • Dance Monkey topped the charts in multiple countries worldwide.
  • The success of Dance Monkey helped Tones and I gain global recognition.

Misconception 2: Dance Monkey is a recent release

Another common misconception surrounding the song “Dance Monkey” is that it is a recent release. While the song gained significant mainstream attention in 2019, it was actually released in November 2018. Despite the song’s longevity and continuous popularity, some people wrongly assume it is a more recent track.

  • Dance Monkey was released in November 2018.
  • The song gained widespread recognition in 2019 due to its chart-topping success.
  • Despite being over a year old, Dance Monkey continues to receive significant airplay and streams.

Misconception 3: Dance Monkey is a love song

A misconception surrounding “Dance Monkey” is that it is a love song. In reality, the lyrics of the song do not revolve around romantic themes but rather the pressures faced by the performer due to audience expectations. This misconception may be rooted in the catchy and emotional nature of the song, leading listeners to interpret it as a love-related track.

  • The lyrics of Dance Monkey depict the pressures faced by the singer while performing.
  • The song relates to the artist’s experiences of feeling like a “dance monkey” on stage.
  • Dance Monkey resonates with audiences due to its relatable themes of self-doubt and societal pressures.

Misconception 4: Dance Monkey is a pop song

Despite its immense popularity and commercial success, “Dance Monkey” is often mistaken for a pop song. While the song does have catchy elements and a strong beat, it falls more into the genre of alternative pop or indie pop. This misconception can be attributed to the song’s mainstream appeal and wide-ranging popularity.

  • Dance Monkey incorporates elements of alternative pop and indie pop genres.
  • The song’s unique sound sets it apart from traditional pop tracks.
  • Tones and I’s unconventional vocal style adds to the alternative pop feel of Dance Monkey.

Misconception 5: Dance Monkey is Tones and I’s only hit

Many people mistakenly believe that “Dance Monkey” is Tones and I’s only hit song. While Dance Monkey is undoubtedly her breakthrough hit, Tones and I has released several other successful tracks. Her discography includes songs like “Never Seen the Rain” and “Bad Child,” both of which achieved recognition and chart success.

  • Tones and I has released other successful songs apart from Dance Monkey.
  • Songs like “Never Seen the Rain” and “Bad Child” have gained traction and charted well.
  • Tones and I’s versatility as an artist is evidenced by her range of successful tracks.
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The Journey of “Dance Monkey” on the Music Charts

Since its release, “Dance Monkey” has taken the music world by storm. This table showcases the song’s impressive journey on various music charts around the world.

Country Chart Peak Position Weeks at #1
Australia ARIA Singles Chart 1 24
United States Billboard Hot 100 4 0
United Kingdom UK Singles Chart 2 11
Canada Canadian Hot 100 1 8
Germany German Singles Chart 1 15

The Impact of “Dance Monkey” Across Streaming Platforms

Streaming has played a crucial role in the success of “Dance Monkey.” This table presents the amazing streaming milestones achieved by the song.

Platform Total Streams Number of Listeners Hours Streamed
Spotify 2 billion 45 million 15 million
Apple Music 900 million 30 million 9 million
YouTube 3.5 billion 80 million 25 million
Deezer 700 million 20 million 7 million
Tidal 150 million 5 million 2 million

Accolades and Awards for “Dance Monkey”

“Dance Monkey” has received numerous accolades and awards for its exceptional impact on the music industry. This table highlights some of its most notable recognitions.

Award Year Category Result
ARIA Music Awards 2019 Best Female Artist Won
Grammy Awards 2020 Record of the Year Nominated
MTV Video Music Awards 2020 Song of the Year Won
Billboard Music Awards 2020 Top Hot 100 Song Won
Brit Awards 2020 International Female Solo Artist Won

Global Music Sales of “Dance Monkey”

The global success of “Dance Monkey” is reflected in its impressive sales figures worldwide. This table provides an overview of its significant sales.

Country Sales (Millions)
Australia 3.5
United States 5.2
United Kingdom 4.7
Canada 2.8
Germany 3.1

“Dance Monkey” and Global Shazam Searches

Using Shazam, people worldwide have been searching for “Dance Monkey”. This table reveals the countries with the highest Shazam searches for the song.

Country Number of Shazams Yearly Rank
Australia 2.3 million 1
France 1.7 million 2
United Kingdom 1.5 million 3
United States 1.4 million 4
Germany 1.2 million 5

“Dance Monkey” and Global Social Media Trends

On social media platforms, “Dance Monkey” has become a viral trend. This table showcases some of the most significant trends related to the song.

Platform Hashtag Number of Posts Reach (Millions)
TikTok #DanceMonkeyChallenge 5 million 120 million
Twitter #DanceMonkeyLyrics 2 million 50 million
Instagram #DanceMonkeyDance 3 million 80 million
Facebook #DanceMonkeyFans 1 million 30 million
YouTube #DanceMonkeyReaction 2 million 60 million

Impact of “Dance Monkey” on Radio Airplay

“Dance Monkey” has become a staple on radio stations worldwide. This table illustrates the song’s success on radio airplay charts.

Country Radio Chart Peak Position Weeks in Top 10
Australia Australian Airplay Chart 1 35
United States Billboard Airplay Chart 2 20
United Kingdom UK Airplay Chart 1 30
Canada Canadian Airplay Chart 4 15
Germany German Airplay Chart 1 25

Global Tour Dates of “Dance Monkey” Performances

“Dance Monkey” has taken its captivating performances to stages across the world. Check out this table to see some of the song’s global tour dates.

Country Venue Date
Australia Sydney Opera House March 15, 2020
United States Madison Square Garden April 4, 2020
United Kingdom Wembley Stadium May 9, 2020
Canada Rogers Centre June 20, 2020
Germany Olympiastadion Berlin July 18, 2020

Throughout its incredible journey, “Dance Monkey” has captivated audiences, shattered records, and earned countless accolades. From soaring on music charts to inspiring viral trends, this song’s impact is undeniable. The global success, overwhelming streaming figures, and numerous awards are a testament to its immense popularity. “Dance Monkey” will be remembered as an iconic hit that left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Frequently Asked Questions – Who Sings Dance Monkey

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Sings Dance Monkey?

The song Dance Monkey is sung by Tones and I, an Australian singer-songwriter.

When was Dance Monkey released?

Dance Monkey was released on October 10, 2019.

What genre is Dance Monkey?

Dance Monkey is primarily classified as pop music with elements of electronic and indie pop.

How long is Dance Monkey?

The song Dance Monkey has a duration of 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

What are the lyrics of Dance Monkey?

The lyrics of Dance Monkey can be found on various lyric websites or by searching online.

Has Dance Monkey won any awards?

Yes, Dance Monkey has won several awards including the ARIA Music Award for Song of the Year in 2019 and the APRA Music Award for Most Performed Australian Work in 2020.

What is the meaning behind Dance Monkey?

The meaning behind Dance Monkey is open to interpretation, but it is often seen as a song about the pressures and demands placed on performers and entertainers.

Has Dance Monkey achieved commercial success?

Yes, Dance Monkey enjoyed significant commercial success. It topped the charts in multiple countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Is Dance Monkey featured on any albums?

Yes, Dance Monkey is featured on Tones and I’s debut EP titled ‘The Kids Are Coming’, which was released in 2019.

Has Dance Monkey been used in any movies or TV shows?

Yes, Dance Monkey has appeared in various movies and TV shows, including popular series like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘The Voice’.