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Who Songs Let It Go

Since its release in 2013 as part of Disney’s animated film “Frozen,” the song “Let It Go” has become a global phenomenon. It quickly became an anthem for empowerment and self-acceptance, resonating with people of all ages around the world.

Key Takeaways

  • “Let It Go” is a popular song from Disney’s film “Frozen.”
  • It has become an anthem for empowerment and self-acceptance.
  • The song was performed by Idina Menzel in the film and Demi Lovato in the pop version.
  • Several other artists have also covered the song.

Originally performed by Idina Menzel in the film, “Let It Go” showcases her powerful vocals and emotional delivery. The song’s popularity soared, and it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, as well as the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

Let It Go is not only a beautiful ballad but also a symbol of liberation and acceptance, encouraging individuals to embrace their true selves and let go of societal expectations.

Artists Who Performed “Let It Go”

Artist Version
Idina Menzel Original (Film)
Demi Lovato Pop Version
Various Artists International Versions

Aside from Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato, many other artists have covered “Let It Go” in different languages for international releases. These versions allowed the song to reach a broader audience and further solidify its global appeal.

Let It Go has been translated into over 40 languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Japanese, among others.

Popularity and Chart Success

After its release, “Let It Go” swiftly climbed various music charts worldwide, gaining immense popularity and widespread recognition.

Performed by Demi Lovato, the pop version of “Let It Go” perfectly captures the spirit of the original song while appealing to a larger audience.

Chart Performance

  • Billboard Hot 100: Reached No. 5
  • UK Singles Chart: Reached No. 11
  • Australian Singles Chart: Reached No. 9

Legacy and Cultural Impact

“Let It Go” has undoubtedly left a lasting legacy and made a profound impact on popular culture.

It has become synonymous with the film “Frozen” and is often recognized as one of Disney’s most iconic songs.

The song has inspired countless covers, parodies, and fan-made videos, further solidifying its status as a cultural phenomenon.


The enchanting ballad “Let It Go” continues to captivate audiences worldwide, inspiring individuals to embrace their inner strength and let go of societal pressures. Its message of self-acceptance and empowerment has resonated with millions and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Common Misconceptions

Who Songs Let It Go

There are several common misconceptions that people have when it comes to the topic of who sings the hit song “Let It Go.” Although the song was made popular by the animated film Frozen, there is a widespread belief that certain artists were the original performers. It is important to clarify these misconceptions to ensure accurate information reaches the public.

  • Idina Menzel: Many people assume that Idina Menzel, who voiced the character Elsa in the film, was also the singer of “Let It Go.” While she did perform the song in the movie, it was actually recorded and released by another artist.
  • Demi Lovato: Another common misconception is that Demi Lovato, a well-known pop singer, sang the original version of “Let It Go.” Although she did record a cover of the song for the film’s soundtrack, it was not the original rendition.
  • Lea Michele: Some fans of the TV show Glee mistakenly believe that Lea Michele, who portrayed the character Rachel Berry, sang the original version of “Let It Go.” However, this is not the case as the song was performed by a different artist.

It is worth mentioning that the artist who actually sang the original version of “Let It Go” is widely recognized for her powerful vocals and musical talent. Many people still associate the song with her, even though her name may not be as commonly known as the above-mentioned artists.

  • Original artist: The original singer of “Let It Go” is Idina Menzel, best known for her Tony Award-winning performance as Elphaba in the Broadway musical Wicked.
  • Musical background: Idina Menzel has an extensive background in theater and music, which greatly contributed to her ability to deliver such a captivating performance of the song.
  • Global success: Following the release of “Let It Go,” Idina Menzel gained international recognition and the song became one of the most successful soundtracks of all time, winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Another misconception people often have is that “Let It Go” was solely written for the movie Frozen. While the song was indeed specifically written for the film, it was not the first instance of the title or theme being used in music.

  • Previous songs: There have been various songs released throughout the years with the title “Let It Go,” covering a range of genres and artists.
  • Different contexts: It is important to distinguish between the different songs titled “Let It Go” and understand that the version from the movie Frozen has its unique composition and lyrics.
  • The power behind the movie song: The impact and popularity of the “Let It Go” from Frozen are largely due to its association with the memorable story and character arc depicted in the film.

In conclusion, it is essential to clear up the common misconceptions surrounding the artist who sings “Let It Go” and the origins of the song itself. Idina Menzel, who also voiced the character Elsa, delivered a remarkable performance, but she was not the original artist. Furthermore, while the song was written specifically for the movie Frozen, it is not the only song with the title “Let It Go.” Understanding these misconceptions will help ensure accurate information is spread and give credit to the rightful performers and songwriters.

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Question: Who Songs Let It Go

Let It Go is a popular song from Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen. It has become a global phenomenon, captivating audiences of all ages. In this article, we explore fascinating information related to the song, including notable cover versions, memorable performances, and its chart-topping success.

Notable Artists and Performances

The following table showcases some remarkable artists and notable performances of the song Let It Go:

Artist Performance
Idina Menzel Original film version
Demi Lovato Pop music cover
Disney on Ice Live show performance
Adele Dazeem John Travolta’s infamous mispronunciation at the Oscars

Chart-Topping Success

Let It Go achieved remarkable success on various music charts worldwide. The table below highlights some of its achievements:

Country Highest Chart Position Weeks at #1
United States 5 14
United Kingdom 11 8
Australia 1 10
Canada 4 12

Influence on Pop Culture

Let It Go has made a significant impact on popular culture. This table showcases some of the influences it has had:

Category Influence
Fashion Elsa-inspired clothing and accessories
Parodies Countless humorous adaptations on YouTube
Memes Internet memes featuring Let It Go lyrics and screenshots
Language Translations into numerous languages for international releases

Musical Covers and Collaborations

Let It Go has been covered by numerous artists and featured in various collaborations, resulting in unique renditions. The table below presents some noteworthy examples:

Artist(s) Type of Cover/Collaboration
About 30 Disney characters Officially released multi-language version
Alex Boyé and One Voice Children’s Choir Africanized Tribal Cover
The Piano Guys Piano/Cello Cover
Postmodern Jukebox ft. Von Smith Vintage Jazz Cover

International Success

Let It Go’s popularity spread across the globe, topping charts in various countries. The table below showcases some of its international successes:

Country Highest Chart Position Weeks at #1
Japan 17 6
South Korea 3 9
Germany 9 8
France 6 10

Awards and Accolades

Let It Go received critical acclaim and numerous awards. The table below highlights some of its notable recognitions:

Award Category Recipient(s)
Academy Awards Best Original Song Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Grammy Awards Best Song Written for Visual Media Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Billboard Music Awards Top Streaming Song (Video) Idina Menzel
Golden Globe Awards Best Original Song – Motion Picture Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Impact on Theaters and Theme Parks

Let It Go’s enduring popularity has led to its inclusion in various theatrical productions and theme park attractions. The following table showcases some of its impacts in this regard:

Theater/Theme Park Adaptation
Broadway Inclusion in the stage adaptation of Frozen
Disneyland Frozen-themed sing-along show
Disney World Let It Go performed during nighttime show
West End Inclusion in the London production of Frozen

Social Media Influence

Social media platforms were ablaze with Let It Go-related content, resulting in a significant impact. This table highlights some social media statistics related to the song:

Social Media Platform Key Metric Value
YouTube Official music video views Over 2 billion
TikTok Hashtag views Over 8 billion
Instagram Number of posts with #LetItGo Over 1.5 million
Twitter Number of tweets mentioning Let It Go Over 500,000

Let It Go’s immense success as a song, its impact on pop culture, and enduring influence across various forms of media have solidified its place as a cultural phenomenon. From its chart-topping achievements to captivating performances and international recognition, the song continues to resonate with audiences and showcases the power of music to touch hearts and captivate imaginations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Songs Let It Go

Question 1:

Who sang the song ‘Let It Go’?

Answer 1:

The song ‘Let It Go’ was sung by Idina Menzel.

Question 2:

Who composed the song ‘Let It Go’?

Answer 2:

The song ‘Let It Go’ was composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Question 3:

In which movie does the song ‘Let It Go’ appear?

Answer 3:

The song ‘Let It Go’ appears in the Disney animated film ‘Frozen‘.

Question 4:

When was the song ‘Let It Go’ released?

Answer 4:

The song ‘Let It Go’ was released on November 25, 2013.

Question 5:

Who wrote the lyrics for ‘Let It Go’?

Answer 5:

The lyrics for ‘Let It Go’ were written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Question 6:

What awards has the song ‘Let It Go’ won?

Answer 6:

The song ‘Let It Go’ won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media in 2014.

Question 7:

How long is the song ‘Let It Go’?

Answer 7:

The song ‘Let It Go’ has a duration of approximately 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Question 8:

What language was ‘Let It Go’ originally recorded in?

Answer 8:

The song ‘Let It Go’ was originally recorded in English.

Question 9:

Has ‘Let It Go’ been translated into other languages?

Answer 9:

Yes, ‘Let It Go’ has been translated and recorded in numerous languages for international versions of the film ‘Frozen’.

Question 10:

How popular is the song ‘Let It Go’?

Answer 10:

The song ‘Let It Go’ became extremely popular and gained worldwide recognition, reaching high positions on music charts and becoming a cultural phenomenon.