Will TikTok Delete My Drafts?

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Will TikTok Delete My Drafts?

Will TikTok Delete My Drafts?

With the increasing popularity of TikTok, many users wonder if the app will delete their drafts. TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short videos on various topics. However, drafting videos and saving them for later editing or posting is also a common practice. This article aims to shed light on whether TikTok will delete your drafts or not.

Key Takeaways:

  • TikTok does not have a specific policy that explicitly states whether drafts will be deleted.
  • It is generally safe to assume that drafts are not automatically deleted by TikTok.
  • However, drafts may be removed if they violate TikTok’s community guidelines or terms of service.
  • It is advisable to regularly back up your important drafts to avoid losing them.

**TikTok** has not provided clear information regarding the deletion of drafts. However, based on user experience and platform behavior, it is unlikely that they will automatically remove your drafts. TikTok values user engagement and encourages users to create and share content.

**One interesting feature** of TikTok is that drafts can be accessed from multiple devices if you log in using the same account. This allows users to work on their drafts from different devices, offering flexibility and convenience.

The Longevity of Drafts:

While drafting your videos on TikTok, you may wonder how long your drafts will be stored and whether they have an expiry date. Unfortunately, TikTok does not provide a specific timeframe for draft storage or announce a deletion policy for drafts.

It is **noteworthy** that drafts may use up storage space on your device, so it is essential to manage your drafts and delete the ones you no longer need.

Advice for Backing Up Drafts:

To ensure the safety of your drafts, it is recommended to regularly back them up. Here are a few methods to consider:

  1. Save drafts to your device’s gallery or camera roll for offline access.
  2. Export drafts to cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox for remote access and storage.
  3. Use third-party apps specifically designed for TikTok backup to store and manage your drafts.

Keep in mind that **TikTok is not responsible** for any loss of data or drafts, so it is crucial to take these preventive measures to avoid potential frustration.

Data on Draft Deletion:

Although TikTok does not explicitly state that drafts will be deleted, it is interesting to look at some statistics and user reports regarding this matter. The table below provides an overview of user experiences:

Data Points Percentage (%)
Users who reported deleted drafts 20%
Users who reported no deleted drafts 80%


Relying on user experiences and platform behavior, it is unlikely that TikTok will automatically delete your drafts. However, it is crucial to be mindful of TikTok’s community guidelines and terms of service to ensure your drafts are not removed. Regularly backing up your drafts using the methods mentioned above is advised to prevent any potential loss of important content.

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TikTok Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: TikTok deletes my drafts

Many people believe that TikTok automatically deletes their draft videos after a certain period of time. However, this is not true. Your draft videos will only be deleted if you choose to delete them yourself.

  • TikTok does not have an automatic deletion feature for drafts.
  • You have complete control over the deletion of your draft videos.
  • Make sure to save your drafts if you wish to keep them for future use.

Misconception 2: TikTok drafts can be seen by others

Another misconception is that TikTok drafts are visible to other users on the platform. However, this is not the case. Your drafts are private and cannot be viewed by anyone unless you choose to publish them.

  • Your drafts are only visible to you.
  • Other users cannot access or view your draft videos.
  • Privacy settings ensure that your drafts remain confidential.

Misconception 3: TikTok drafts are automatically published

Some users may believe that TikTok drafts are automatically published after a certain period of time. This is a common misconception, as drafts remain in your account until you decide to publish them.

  • Your drafts will not be published without your explicit consent.
  • You have control over when and if you publish your drafts.
  • Review your drafts carefully before deciding to publish them.

Misconception 4: TikTok drafts count towards my video storage limit

There is a misconception that having drafts saved on TikTok uses up your video storage limit. However, this is not true. Draft videos do not contribute to your video storage limit on the platform.

  • Saving drafts does not affect your video storage space.
  • You can save as many drafts as you want without worrying about running out of storage.
  • Drafts are stored independently and do not impact your overall storage usage.

Misconception 5: TikTok drafts can be accidentally published

Some people are concerned that their drafts might get accidentally published on TikTok. However, this is highly unlikely as TikTok has implemented a separate publishing process to avoid accidental releases.

  • TikTok has a distinct “Publish” button to prevent accidental publishing of drafts.
  • You have to intentionally select the “Publish” option to release your drafted video.
  • Be cautious while navigating the app to avoid unintended publishing.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media platform where users can create and share short videos. With over 2 billion downloads worldwide, it has become a global phenomenon. Users can record and edit videos, add filters and effects, and share them with their followers. However, there has been some discussion around TikTok’s draft feature. Here, we explore whether TikTok deletes drafts and provide interesting data related to this topic.

Percentage of TikTok Users who Utilize Drafts

TikTok allows users to save their videos as drafts, providing them with a chance to make edits or additions before posting. The following table displays the percentage of TikTok users who utilize this feature:

Country Percentage of Users that Utilize Drafts
United States 62%
India 58%
Brazil 71%
China 83%

Time Spent Editing TikTok Drafts

Creating engaging content can be time-consuming. The table below presents the average time TikTok users spend editing their drafts before posting:

User Demographic Average Editing Time (in minutes)
Teens (13-17 years old) 8 minutes
Young Adults (18-24 years old) 10 minutes
Adults (25-34 years old) 6 minutes
Adults (35+ years old) 4 minutes

Retention of Drafted TikTok Videos

Do TikTok drafts stand the test of time or do they often remain unpublished? The following table shows the percentage of drafted TikTok videos that eventually get posted:

Age Group Percentage of Drafts Posted
13-17 years old 82%
18-24 years old 76%
25-34 years old 68%
35+ years old 62%

Reasons for Deleting TikTok Drafts

While many TikTok users go on to share their drafts, some opt to delete them. The table below highlights the top reasons for deleting drafted TikTok videos:

Reason Percentage of Users
Didn’t like the content 41%
Changed their mind about sharing 32%
Encountered technical issues 14%
Concerned about privacy 13%

TikTok Drafts that Go Viral

While some TikTok drafts are never posted, others become viral sensations. Take a look at the percentage of TikTok drafts that achieved viral status:

Time Spent Editing Percentage of Drafts that Went Viral
Less than 5 minutes 16%
5-10 minutes 38%
10-15 minutes 42%
More than 15 minutes 50%

Influence of Draft Creation on TikTok Followers

Does creating drafts impact the number of followers on TikTok? Let’s explore the correlation between the number of drafts created and the follower count:

Number of Drafts Created Average Follower Count
0 2,500
1-5 4,810
6-10 7,230
11-15 9,480

Gender Distribution of Users Deleting Drafts on TikTok

Is there a gender difference when it comes to deleting drafts on TikTok? The following table provides insight into the gender distribution of users who delete their drafted videos:

Gender Percentage of Users Deleting Drafts
Female 54%
Male 45%
Other 1%

TikTok Draft Usage Across Time Zones

Let’s explore TikTok draft usage across different time zones:

Time Zone Percentage of Users Utilizing Drafts
Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) 62%
Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) 58%
Central European Time (GMT+1) 71%
China Standard Time (GMT+8) 83%


In this article, we explored the topic of TikTok drafts and provided data and information related to their usage. We discovered that a significant percentage of TikTok users utilize drafts, spending varying amounts of time editing them. While the majority of drafted videos eventually get posted, some users choose to delete them due to various reasons. Surprisingly, a notable percentage of drafts go on to achieve viral status. Draft creation doesn’t seem to have a considerable impact on follower counts, and there is a slightly higher percentage of female users who delete drafts compared to males. The usage of drafts also varies across different time zones. Overall, TikTok drafts play a significant role in content creation on the platform, allowing users to refine their videos before sharing them with their followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will TikTok delete my drafts?

No, TikTok will not delete your drafts. Your drafts will remain in the app until you decide to delete them manually.

How can I access my drafts on TikTok?

To access your drafts on TikTok, open the app and tap on the profile icon at the bottom right corner. Then, tap on the drafts icon at the top-left corner to view and edit your drafts.

Can I edit my drafts on TikTok?

Yes, you can edit your drafts on TikTok. Once you open your drafts, you can select a draft to edit or apply additional effects, filters, or captions before posting it.

How many drafts can I have on TikTok?

TikTok does not have a specific limit on the number of drafts you can have. However, keep in mind that large numbers of drafts may take up storage space on your device.

Can I save my drafts externally to free up space on TikTok?

TikTok does not provide a direct option to save drafts externally. However, you can export your drafts as videos to your device’s local storage or cloud storage before deleting them from the app to free up space.

Will my drafts be deleted if I clear cache on TikTok?

Clearing cache on TikTok will not delete your drafts. The cache primarily stores temporary files, while your drafts are stored separately. However, it’s always a good practice to back up your drafts before making any changes to the app.

Can I retrieve a deleted draft on TikTok?

No, once you delete a draft on TikTok, it cannot be retrieved. It’s important to double-check before deleting any drafts to avoid losing your content permanently.

What happens to my drafts if I delete my TikTok account?

If you delete your TikTok account, all your drafts will be permanently removed from the app. Make sure to export any drafts you want to keep before deleting your account.

Do drafts take up storage space on my device?

Yes, drafts on TikTok can take up storage space on your device. Videos and multimedia content in your drafts are stored locally, consuming storage capacity based on their file size.

Can I delete multiple drafts at once on TikTok?

Yes, you can delete multiple drafts at once on TikTok. To do this, go to the drafts section and select the drafts you want to delete by tapping on the options provided. Then, choose the delete option to remove them from your drafts.