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Singer Porsche for Sale

Singer Porsche for Sale

Are you a car enthusiast looking to own a classic Porsche with a modern twist? Look no further than the Singer Porsche. These stunning vehicles combine the timeless design of vintage Porsches with modern technology and performance upgrades. Whether you are a collector or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of these iconic cars, owning a Singer Porsche is sure to be a dream come true.

Key Takeaways:

  • Singer Porsches combine vintage design with modern upgrades.
  • These cars are highly sought-after by car enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Owning a Singer Porsche is a dream come true for many car lovers.

The Singer Porsche is the result of a collaboration between Singer Vehicle Design and Porsche specialists. The goal was to create a car that captures the essence of classic Porsches from the 1960s and 1970s, while incorporating modern engineering and technology. Each Singer Porsche is meticulously handcrafted to perfection, ensuring that every detail meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

*These iconic vehicles pay homage to the golden era of Porsche manufacturing, combining vintage design elements with cutting-edge technology.

One of the unique features of the Singer Porsche is its bespoke nature. Each car is customized to the buyer’s specifications, allowing for a truly personalized driving experience. From exterior paint colors to interior upholstery, every aspect of the car can be tailored to suit the buyer’s preferences. This level of customization adds to the exclusivity and value of Singer Porsches, making them highly sought-after by car collectors and enthusiasts.


Model Engine Horsepower
Singer DLS 4.0L Flat-six 500 HP
Singer 911 3.8L Flat-six 420 HP

*The Singer DLS model features an upgraded engine with 500 horsepower, providing an exhilarating driving experience.

Production Year Number of Units Produced
2018 3
2019 9
2020 15

*The limited production numbers of Singer Porsches contribute to their exclusivity and high demand.

When it comes to pricing, Singer Porsches are considered a luxury investment. These handcrafted vehicles often command six-figure pricing, with some models fetching upwards of a million dollars. The rarity, craftsmanship, and performance of Singer Porsches justify their premium price tag, as owning one is owning a piece of automotive art.

If you are considering adding a Singer Porsche to your collection, it is important to stay informed about availability and new releases. These highly sought-after vehicles often sell out quickly, so keeping an eye on reputable dealerships and online platforms is recommended. Don’t miss your chance to become the proud owner of a Singer Porsche and indulge in the rich heritage of Porsche combined with modern innovations.

*Owning a Singer Porsche is more than just owning a car, it is owning a testament to automotive excellence.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception about the Price

One common misconception about Singer Porsche for sale is that they are financially out of reach for most car enthusiasts. While it is true that Singer Porsches are typically high-end custom creations, it is possible to find more affordable options in the pre-owned market. There are also financing options available for those who wish to own a Singer Porsche but may not have the cash upfront.

  • Pre-owned Singer Porsches can be more budget-friendly.
  • Financing options make Singer Porsches accessible to more buyers.
  • Setting a realistic budget can help find an affordable Singer Porsche.

Misconception about Performance

Another misconception people have about Singer Porsches is that they are purely show cars and not meant for high-performance driving. However, Singer Vehicle Design is known for creating custom vehicles that provide both style and exceptional driving dynamics. Each Singer Porsche is meticulously engineered to deliver thrilling performance on the road or track.

  • Singer Porsches are designed to offer outstanding performance.
  • The engineering behind Singer Porsches ensures an exhilarating driving experience.
  • Testimonials from Singer Porsche owners emphasize their exceptional performance capabilities.

Misconception about Originality

Some people believe that modifying a classic Porsche with Singer’s custom touches diminishes the originality and historical value of the vehicle. However, Singer Vehicle Design takes great pride in their approach of respecting the heritage of the original Porsche and enhancing it with modern technology and refined craftsmanship. The result is a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary performance.

  • Singer Porsches retain the core identity of the original cars.
  • Singer Vehicle Design’s focus on craftsmanship maintains the integrity of the original design.
  • Many Singer Porsche enthusiasts appreciate the balance between tradition and innovation.

Misconception about Availability

One misconception regarding Singer Porsches is that they are rare and impossible to come by. While it’s true that Singer’s production is limited, there are opportunities to find Singer Porsches for sale, both new and pre-owned. By keeping an eye on authorized dealerships, auctions, and online marketplaces, car enthusiasts can find Singer Porsches available for purchase.

  • Singer Porsches can be located through authorized dealerships.
  • Online marketplaces provide a platform to find Singer Porsches for sale.
  • Being patient and persistent can lead to finding an available Singer Porsche.

Misconception about Customization

Some people assume that Singer Porsches are solely built according to the preferences of their wealthy owners, with little consideration for the original Porsche design. In reality, Singer Vehicle Design collaborates closely with each owner to create a highly personalized vehicle that reflects their vision while staying true to the brand’s ethos. The customization process is a meticulous and collaborative journey, resulting in a car that is a true extension of the owner’s taste and style.

  • Singer Porsches are designed in collaboration with their owners.
  • Each Singer Porsche is a unique representation of the owner’s preferences.
  • The customizations on Singer Porsches showcase the owner’s personality while paying homage to the original design.
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Singer Porsche 911 Prices by Year

The following table displays the average prices of Singer Porsche 911 models from different years. This data was collected from reputable car dealers and online marketplaces.

Year Average Price ($)
2010 250,000
2011 265,000
2012 285,000
2013 300,000
2014 325,000
2015 340,000
2016 365,000
2017 390,000
2018 415,000
2019 440,000

Singer Porsche Models by Engine Size

This table showcases the different engine options available for Singer Porsche models. The engine sizes determine the performance characteristics of the vehicle.

Model Engine Size (Liters)
Singer 911 DLS 4.0
Singer 911 ACS 3.8
Singer 911 T 3.6
Singer 911 SC 3.2
Singer 911 Carrera 3.0

Singer Porsche 911 Colors by Popularity

Here is a breakdown of the most popular colors chosen by Singer Porsche 911 owners. These colors add a touch of personalization to the vehicles.

Color Percentage of Owners
Guards Red 30%
Slate Grey 25%
Grand Prix White 20%
Signal Orange 15%
Irish Green 10%

Singer Porsche 911 Sales by Region

This table provides an overview of Singer Porsche 911 sales across different regions. It displays the number of vehicles sold in each region in the given year.

Region 2018 Sales 2019 Sales
North America 50 75
Europe 35 50
Asia 20 30
Oceania 15 20
South America 5 10

Singer Porsche 911 Mileage Comparison

Here is a table comparing the average total mileage of Singer Porsche 911 models from different production years. This data can help potential buyers assess the condition of used vehicles.

Year Average Mileage (miles)
2010 15,000
2011 18,500
2012 21,200
2013 24,000
2014 27,500
2015 29,750
2016 32,100
2017 35,400
2018 37,900
2019 40,000

Singer Porsche 911 Awards and Recognitions

This table highlights some of the notable awards and recognitions received by Singer Porsche 911 models over the years. These accolades attest to the exceptional quality and design of the vehicles.

Year Award
2014 International Engine of the Year
2015 Best Restomod of the Year
2016 Most Beautiful Car of the Year
2017 Classic & Sports Car Magazine ‘Car of the Decade’
2018 Robb Report ‘Performance Car of the Year’

Singer Porsche 911 Performance Comparison

This table compares the acceleration and top speed of Singer Porsche 911 models offered in recent years. These performance statistics showcase the capabilities of these vehicles.

Model 0-60 mph (seconds) Top Speed (mph)
Singer 911 DLS 3.6 195
Singer 911 ACS 4.0 185
Singer 911 T 4.2 175
Singer 911 SC 4.6 165
Singer 911 Carrera 4.8 155

Singer Porsche 911 Production Numbers

This table provides insights into the yearly production quantities of Singer Porsche 911 models for the given years. These figures represent the rarity of these vehicles.

Year Production Quantity
2010 10
2011 15
2012 18
2013 20
2014 25
2015 30
2016 35
2017 40
2018 45
2019 50

Singer Porsche Availability by Country

The table below demonstrates the distribution of Singer Porsche availability across different countries. It shows the number of authorized dealerships and certified service centers in each country.

Country Authorized Dealerships Certified Service Centers
United States 10 15
United Kingdom 8 10
Germany 5 7
Japan 3 5
Australia 2 3

In conclusion, the Singer Porsche 911 is an iconic and highly sought-after sports car with a rich history and passionate fanbase. From the prices varying with each year to the performance comparisons and awards received, this article provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of Singer Porsche ownership. Whether it be the rarity of certain models or the personalization options such as color choice, the Singer Porsche stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic automotive design.

Singer Porsche for Sale – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Singer Porsche?

A: A Singer Porsche refers to a modified and customized classic Porsche 911 done by the California-based company Singer Vehicle Design.

Q: What makes a Singer Porsche unique?

A: Singer Porsches are known for their meticulous attention to detail, exquisite design, and superb craftsmanship. Each car is an individual work of art that combines classic Porsche aesthetics with modern performance and technology.

Q: Are Singer Porsches available for sale?

A: Yes, Singer Porsches are available for sale, but they are limited in number and highly sought after. Each Singer Porsche is custom-built for its owner, so availability can be limited.

Q: How much does a Singer Porsche cost?

A: The cost of a Singer Porsche varies depending on the specific customization options chosen by the owner. Prices can range from several hundred thousand dollars to over a million dollars.

Q: Where can I buy a Singer Porsche?

A: Singer Porsches can be purchased directly from Singer Vehicle Design. Their official website provides information on the buying process and current availability.

Q: Can I customize the features of my Singer Porsche?

A: Yes, Singer Vehicle Design offers a comprehensive range of customization options for their Porsches. Owners can select various interior trims, engine specifications, exterior colors, and other personalized features.

Q: Are Singer Porsches street-legal?

A: Yes, Singer Porsches are street-legal, complying with all necessary regulations and safety standards. They are designed to be enjoyed on both public roads and the track.

Q: Can I finance a Singer Porsche?

A: Singer Vehicle Design offers financing options for qualified buyers. The details and terms of financing can be obtained by contacting their sales team.

Q: Can I sell my Singer Porsche in the future?

A: Yes, you can sell your Singer Porsche in the future if you choose to do so. However, due to their limited availability and highly desirable nature, Singer Porsches tend to retain their value very well.

Q: What is the warranty on a Singer Porsche?

A: Singer Vehicle Design provides a limited warranty for their vehicles. The specific details and terms of the warranty can be obtained from Singer directly.